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Tips to Create Strong Passwords that You can Easily Remember

Your password is the first step of your online security and it is also the first line of defense against any cyber attacks. You must have heard it countless times that your password is supposed to be strong and complex, making it difficult for any hacker to guess or break it. Unfortunately, most people don’t exactly follow the best practices while setting their passwords.

There can be multiple reasons behind it, and the most common ones are the lack of awareness about best practices or the inability to remember complex passwords.

So, here we have compiled some tips to help you create a strong password that is in accordance with the best practices along with some suggestions about recalling them.

Tips to Create Strong Passwords that You Can Easily Remember

Creating Strong Passwords

A strong password must:

  • Be at least eight characters long, but ideally it should have 12 characters
  • Not have any identifiable information relating to the user like real names, etc.
  • Not be a complete dictionary word that can be guessed
  • Be completely different from other passwords or previous passwords
  • Have characters from all categories including upper-case alphabets, lower-case alphabets, numbers, and special characters such [email protected]#$%^&* etc.

So these are some common elements of a strong password. Use any password generator and it will give you a really very strong password or you can just bash your fingers on the keyboard and most probably you will get one of the most complex passwords like ‘HUi$&*%hJ96Y’ or ‘ejgUj&36%Ol7’ in a few tries.

These surely are great techniques and if you are using a password manager that automatically fills up the password field for you then you are good to go. But the real hassle comes in when you have to enter your password manually.

Who on earth will remember something like ‘HUi$&*%hJ96Y’ and other similar passwords for multiple accounts and devices? Even if someone has a photographic memory, it is really very difficult to remember these passwords for multiple accounts. So, here’re a few tips that can help you generate a strong password that you can easily remember.

Tips for Strong and Easy to Remember Passwords

The first tip is that try to make a sentence that you can easily remember. Like ‘Teacher slapped me because I didn’t know 7*9=?’ This sentence is very general and the person can easily relate to it, as it actually is his own memory.

Now take the first letters from each word in the sentence ‘TsmbIdk7*9=?’ Now this password is definitely a complex one, but the user can easily remember it using his or her past memory.

Another tip is to choose a memory that is private to you, because this will ascertain that the chance of anyone guessing your password is extremely low. If you use a scenario that everybody knows about you, then it can be easy for someone to guess it.

You can also remember complex passwords using something like ‘Da$kYis8!u3’ This actually is ‘The Sky is Blue’ but it is really hard to guess how you wrote it. Even in this case, we suggest you to choose a small sentence that is private to you so nobody can relate to it.

We hope that now you are able to create complex passwords that you can easily remember for your accounts. If you don’t have a strong password, then you should immediately change your password and set a strong one using these tips. Stay smart, stay safe, and secure your accounts and devices!

Theo Agostini tries to cover everything that can be of general user interest. From privacy to security to everything in between, he keeps his eyes open for the latest developments.

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  1. Nicolas Marquevich says:

    Theo Agostini. That is really great article. I have been creating complex passwords. My trouble is knowing how to fully use Pure VPN, so that nobody can log into my Facebook account with a different browser and IP address. How would I create a Private Virtual Network that requires a password. Nicolas.

    • Theo says:

      A VPN won’t be able to stop anyone from accesing your Facebook if they know your Fb id and pass. change your FB pass and use Two factor authentication to double the security

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