how to get american netflix in New Zealand

How to Get American Netflix in New Zealand [Updated February 2019]

Everyone has heard the name Netflix. It is the new buzz in the entertainment industry and everybody loves it for the convenience it offers. Gone are the days when people had to rely on cable operators to watch TV. Binge-watching is the new style where people enjoy on-demand TV shows and movies, all thanks to this streaming giant.

The content that Netflix offers is just too much. On average there are 2,000 choices available on Netflix in different regions. Meanwhile, Netflix US, which is only available in the US has around 5,000 choices for you, and the list keeps on expanding.

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Netflix US is blocked in New Zealand

Unfortunately, Netflix US is not available in New Zealand. This unavailability is not due to lack of facilities or infrastructure in the country. Rather, it’s because Netflix has intentionally restricted its libraries according to all the regions it operates in. This is probably due to the fact that it allows the streaming giant to protect its content from getting pirated, or getting banned by regional broadcast authorities due to ethical non-compliance related issues.

It’s a turn off to be a user of the same service, subscribe for the same plans, and pay the same amount, yet not receive the same quality of services. That’s the case for Netflix users living in New Zealand who are unable to access American Netflix just because of their physical location.

How to Watch Netflix US in New Zealand

Every internet connected device has an IP address, which determines the location from which a user is accessing the internet. Streaming giants, such as Netflix, restrict content according to regions using IP addresses of its users. If an IP address of a user is based in the US, he will be able to access US Netflix. However, if the IP address is based in New Zealand, the user will be redirected to a Netflix server in New Zealand which will only have limited content available.

The best way to access American Netflix from New Zealand is by masking your original IP address with a new one that’s based in the US. A new IP address will give you a new virtual location, opening up new worlds online for you. If the pseudo IP address is based in the US, you will be able to access Netflix US instantly.

A VPN is what you need to change your IP address. PureVPN does this in the best possible way, equipping you with top-tech functionality under-the-hood that gives you instant access to everything restricted in your region.

Access US Netflix

How to Get American Netflix in New Zealand for Android

PureVPN offers a dedicated app for Android, which you can download on your smartphone or tablet from the Play Store for free. Once you have downloaded the app successfully and installed it on your Android device, launch the app and log in with your existing username and password.

If you have not already signed up for PureVPN, you can do so instantly from within the app. Connect to PureVPN after logging in and select Netflix US from Popular Websites option. Once PureVPN has connected to Netflix US, you can access American Netflix right away from New Zealand.

Here is a step by step guide for getting American Netflix for Android.

  • Download PureVPN app from the Play Store
  • Log in with your user name and password or sign up
  • Connect using Netflix US in Popular Websites
  • Enjoy streaming Netflix US.

How to Get American Netflix in New Zealand for iOS

PureVPN has the entire iOS line up covered with its dedicated app for Apple devices. Just download the app from the App Store on your iPhone or iPad for free. Once downloaded and installed, connect the app and enjoy instant access to Netflix US in New Zealand.

Here is a step by step guide for getting American Netflix in New Zealand instantly.

How to Get American Netflix in New Zealand for Mac

To watch Netflix US on your Mac, you need to install PureVPN client for Mac, which can be downloaded for free. Just follow the instructions mentioned below to set up a VPN on your Mac and access Netflix US in New Zealand.

  • Download PureVPN for Mac
  • Install and sign up
  • Log in with your username and password
  • Connect to US Netflix in Popular Websites and enjoy streaming

How to Get American Netflix in New Zealand for TV

Setting up PureVPN to watch Netflix US in New Zealand is extremely easy. Unlike in the case of smartphones where you can install a dedicated free app, here you will have to install PureVPN on your Wi-Fi router. If this seems to be a painstaking task, look at the bigger picture.

When you configure PureVPN on your Wi-Fi router, it allows you to enjoy VPN functionality and unrestricted access on every device that you own. No matter how many devices you have in your home, just connect all of them to the same Wi-Fi network which has PureVPN configured on the router.

A smart TV which is connected to a PureVPN-enabled Wi-Fi router can provide you instant access to American Netflix in New Zealand instantly. Here is how to do it.

PureVPN – Best VPN for Netflix USA in New Zealand

Priced at just $2.49 P/M, PureVPN is the #1 choice for Kiwi users to change their IP address every day to access otherwise restricted content. With PureVPN, you can connect to another country’s server instantly and change your address.

The best part about PureVPN is that it is optimized for streaming. It has more than 2,000 servers placed across more than 180 locations worldwide. This means you will never face any speed dropping issues that can lead to a regretful streaming experience.

PureVPN is a completely anonymous VPN, which makes you completely invisible online. It allows you to evade modern day online threats such as ISP throttling, hacking, ransomware, and mass surveillance. On a PureVPN-enabled device, all data sent and received gets encrypted. It keeps your identity hidden from hackers and online monitoring authorities and eliminates any chances of raising red flags.

Here is how you can set up PureVPN on your device for streaming US Netflix

  1. Sign up for PureVPN
  2. Download PureVPN or get a browser extension
  3. Log in with your username and password and Select US Netflix from “Popular Websites”
  4. Now you can access all restricted content in the Netflix US library

Comparison of Netflix Pricing in New Zealand

Netflix has three standard plans for all regions. It all depends on how you want to consume the content it has to offer. Are you the kind of person who requires more than one screen? Or would you want to stream the highest possible quality? Based on what you want, you can select any of the following plans when you sign up for a Netflix subscription in New Zealand.

PlanBasicStandard Premium
QualitySDHD4 HD, 1 Ultra HD
Price in New Zealand (in USD)11.4914.9918.49
Price in US (in USD)7.9910.9913.99
Cheapest Price (Brazil)4.806.739.14

Cheapest Netflix Subscription Available Online

As you can see in the table above, Netflix is priced the cheapest in Brazil. The streaming giant has a slightly different pricing plan for some regions to account for the differences in currency value and inflation rates specific to certain regions such as Brazil.

To get your Netflix subscription in the lowest possible rates, you will need to connect to PureVPN and change your country to Brazil. Once done, Netflix servers will consider your location as Brazil, and hence offer you plans at a much cheaper price.

What’s coming to Netflix US?

The American Netflix library is one of the most rapidly growing libraries, which hosts amazing TV shows and movies that are only accessible from within the US. Every week, Netflix adds dozens of new TV shows and movies, some of which are Netflix Originals.

Here is all that’s coming to Netflix this month. 

Best TV Shows on Netflix US Blocked in New Zealand

The 100 – Season 5

Based almost 900 years into the future, The 100 is about 100 teenagers who are sent back to earth after a nuclear apocalypse destroys the planet, killing everyone except those who were in space. The show is a unique combination of space traveling, sci-fi, tech, and basic human instincts such as survival.

The TV show producer, CW has made a deal with Netflix, which is why this show is available on Netflix. So far, the TV show has aired five seasons, and a sixth one is in the making. While all the five seasons are available on Netflix US, only four are available in other countries such as New Zealand.

Breaking Bad – All seasons

High school chemistry teacher Walter White gets to know that he has lung cancer and not much time left to live. Concerned about how his family will meet ends once he is gone, Walter White decides to break bad and become a crystal meth producer and distributor.

From his experience as a chemistry teacher, Walter White applies all of his knowledge and creates methamphetamine that is 99.8% pure. It takes not too long for the world to notice his pure brand and start lining up to try some for themselves.

Scandal – All Seasons

Olivia Pope is the best lawyer in the US with the most unique insights into politics. She has helped a potential candidate become the president of the United States by pulling some strings. Things may be on the brink of getting out of hands, all to make news as the biggest scandal in the history of the US.

Every person has a role to play, and so does Olivia. No matter how much she tries to hide her intimate relationship with the president from his wife, or how much she wants to stay away from politics, she needs to do what she’s destined to do. All she can do is trust her guts.

Is American Netflix Available in New Zealand?

Unfortunately, American Netflix is not available in New Zealand. This means that out of more than 7000 titles which are available in Netflix US, only 3400 titles are available in New Zealand.

Can I Get Netflix America in New Zealand?

Netflix doesn’t want you to know this, but you can access Netflix US, even though if you live in New Zealand. All you need is PureVPN. Just install and connect PureVPN to a US server and access everything from Netflix US library.

What’s so good about US Netflix?

The US Library of Netflix is the oldest of them all. Naturally, the number of titles in Netflix US library are much more as compared to any other region. Moreso, the titles that are only available in the US are much better when it comes to content, plot, and story lines.

This is because US has the most lenient laws related to broadcast ethics, and allows high degree of profanity, violence and other forms of expressions which may be unsuitable for diverse audiences.

Netflix US Vs Netflix New Zealand: How much does it Cost?

In New Zealand, the most basic Netflix plan which allows only 1 SD screen will cost you $11.49. However, if you compare the prices with US, Netflix in New Zealand appears to be quite expensive, as the US counterpart for the same plan costs $7.99.

The US plan may look cheaper than the one in New Zealand, but it’s definitely not the cheapest. If you connect to a VPN and change your location to Turkey, you can enjoy the cheapest rates on Netflix subscription, as in Turkey, the basic plan will cost you only $3.27

Are there any Netflix New Zealand Alternatives?

Two great services in New Zealand that can actually be good alternatives to Netflix are Google Play Movies and Sky Movies. For both the services, you can sign up for a monthly $6.99 where you can rent movies and TV shows.

The only thing that is different among these two services and Netflix is that the number of titles available on Netflix is far higher than any other streaming service.

On what devices can I watch Netflix?

Listing down all the devices can be a time taking task, as the list will be too long. But the popular devices which people are more interested and concerned about if they will run Netflix on them include:

  • iOS
  • Android
  • Android TV
  • Apple TV
  • Windows
  • Mac
  • Linux
  • Smart TVs
  • PlayStation
  • Xbox
  • Amazon Kindle
  • Roku
  • Chromecast

Final Word

PureVPN is the ultimate streaming VPN that can solve all your streaming related issues and give you an entertainment experience that you deserve. On top of that, it gives you the perfect anonymity, which makes you invisible and immune to all the restrictions and limitations.

Install PureVPN today and enjoy restricted content from all around the world. Let there be no stopping to your binge-watching routines.

Bilal Khalid likes to channel his positivity to make the internet a safe place for humans. He spends his leisure time following his favorite sports and TV shows, loves tech, and tweets @bilalistein.

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