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How to Keep E-mail Communication Confidential?

Many people want to keep their mail exchange conversation private because of a personal nature of the  conversation. If one does not want to become another Petraeus, our information on how to keep your mail account secure, mail exchange confidential and how to send mails anonymously will certainly help you.

How to send an anonymous e-mail? Here, we will provide knowledge about how to keep the e-mail exchange confidential or how to send anonymous e-mails to a person.

Hide your IP address

If one wants to send anonymous mails and do not want your personal computer to be traced by authorities, than change your IP address. By taking help of a good VPN provider, one can easily replace your correct IP address with another IP address. IP address signifies the name of your Internet Service Provider (ISP), country name and city. When actual IP address is replaced with another IP address, the fake IP address will reflect the name of some other country and location. Thus, one can keep his your identity confidential while sending mails.

Use self-destructive Email ids

Use disposable e-mail ids. When sending an e-mail through disposable e-mail id, it destructs itself once it is received by a user. As the used e-mail id, will not exist anywhere. It will not be possible for authorities to trace the location where e-mail id was created and from where it was sent.

Protect emails from hackers & spyware?

A mail user might be concerned about security of his mail account. Hackers, that may hack his mail account or crack password of his mail account. Hackers can also use spyware and other malicious programs to steal confidential information from your mail account and misuse them, for eg. banking, user id, and password. A user must follow the below mentioned guidelines to be safe from hackers and snoopers.

Do not let the browser store your password

Whenever, open your mail account, a question pops up on your browser, “remember password”. Almost every browser has the feature to remember your account password. If someone want a secure mail access, than must choose the option “Never remember password for this site”.

Delete cache and password

Always log out properly from the mail account and clear the stored cache and passwords on the browser. A user can delete cache and passwords by clicking on “Tools” menu of the browser and selecting “Internet Options”.

Change password frequently

One can ensure the security of your mail account by changing your mail account password from time to time. Passwords are like shocks that get spoiled in extremely short term and need to be changed at regular intervals.

Set difficult password

Set difficult passwords containing texts, numerical and alpha signs. Difficult passwords are hard to crack.

Use VPN to for ultra security

Hidden IP - PureVPN

VPNs services like PureVPN are the best option of all for complete anonymity and security not only for emails but for entire online activities that is browsing, chatting, streaming and VoIP services. They are cheap as low as US$4.99/month only. VPN send messages through encrypted protocols; hence authorities are not able to detect origin and destination of mail communication. VPN uses Point to Point Tunneling Protocol (PPTP) and L2TP (Layer2 Tunneling Protocol) to send and receive encrypted information. Encryption-decryption process of mail communication the mail exchange event, is not traced by authorities.


  • John Peter

    The benefits to the credit professional for using encrypted e-mail is that confidential information, be it communications with a customer over credit terms or financial information provided by the customer, will not end up in a lawsuit or open up the door for the credit professional’s company from being sued for breaching a confidentiality agreement. Agreed..??