How To Make Your VPN Even More Secure

How to Make Your VPN Even More Secure

Used by a few Tech Savvy or IT enthusiast in the past few years, a VPN has now become an indispensable need for every internet user especially Professionals, Corporations, Financial Institution and at high extend for Students as well. Increasing Cyber and online identity theft moved the hype of VPN on its summit. Though, it is a fact, sometimes this privacy enhancing service becomes vulnerable to what it's designed for. Today we will let you know about some tips that can make your VPN even more secure and invulnerable.

Agreed to the fact that VPN anonymity services are easy to set up and use out of the box giving you a satisfaction that nothing to be worried about, at times there are occasions where there may be a hiccup or where you might need an additional layer of protection.

As promised, today we will teach you come easy to follow steps to make your VPN even more secure and protective.

Tips to Secure Your Connection When Your VPN Fails

You have bought your VPN, installed it on your device and before using the internet, you dial up the connection and confidently connect to the internet. Everything sounds fine yet but what if you went out or maybe left the system running and meanwhile your VPN disconnects, your connection will be unencrypted and any outside intrusion is possibly welcome to your unsecure connection.

Hack of a headache! But luckily there are answers.

There are VPN providers that provide automatic connect to VPN server once you switched on your device or if disconnected. Like PureVPN, its software has capability to reconnect automatically once disconnect from the VPN server. That way in the quickest time your connection will resume and no one will have a clear view of your original IP.

Aside from this, if you want to stay stuck with your VPN provider then there is two piece of software designed to do the same job.

VPNetMon For Your Real IP Protection

This package is designed to execute the job on Windows client. The creator of the VPNetMon Felix said:

“VPNetMon continuously watches the IP addresses of your PC. If the IP address of your VPN is not detected anymore, VPNetMon closes specified programs instantly. The program reacts so quickly that a new connection through your real IP will not be established by these applications,”

You can download the VPNetMon software from HERE!

Prevent DNS Leak

It’s a common perception that all user traffic, when connected with VPN, passes through a secure network which is correct. Only on rare occasion a phenomenon occur called “DNS leak”. In this phenomenon, the traffic may pass through the user’s default DNS servers that will make it instead or otherwise visible.

A tool to check leaking of DNS is available at and a solution to the problem can be found HERE!

Use Anonymous Payment Method For Your VPN Subscription

Once you will at the stage to buy a VPN service to be invisible in the world of the internet and pay through your credit card, how will you be untraceable? Your credit card can be used to track your location easily. To pay for your VPN service use anonymous or untraceable payment method like BitCoin.

VPN providers that offer BitCoin as one of the payment method really concern about your privacy.

Only Use Trusted VPN Providers

There are hundreds of VPN providers available in the market but who to trust. Only use the service of VPN provider that cares the most about your privacy. How do you know if the VPN provider cares about your Privacy?

VPN providers with simplest and shortest subscription method are really the one. VPN providers that demand a lot of information at time of purchase are somehow doubtful. A variation of Payment method is also a measure to distinguish the right VPN provider for you. PureVPN is one that really cares about you, with shortest and easiest subscription method; it offers you to pay through BitCoin, most anonymous online payment method, to make you even more untraceable.


We buy a VPN to ensure security and privacy of our internet connection and online activities and if the purpose isn’t fulfilled then it’s a failure. So, follow the aforementioned tips to avoid such haphazard of privacy. The steps are easy and simple to follow adding to it ensures 100% guarantee of your online protection.

PureVPN is a leading VPN service provider that excels in providing easy solutions for online privacy and security. With 2000+ servers in 141+ countries, PureVPN helps consumers and businesses in keeping their online identity secured.

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