How to Setup PPTP Connection on Boxee Box

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How to Setup PPTP/L2TP VPN Connection on Boxee Box:

Here’s how you can take full advantage of PureVPN with Boxee Box VPN Settings, It is easy and simple as 123 to setup PPT/L2TP VPN connection on your Boxee Box,

Step 1. Go to PureVPN and sign up for your favorite 1, 3, 6 or 12 months package

Step 2. Log into your Boxee Box and press the “Options” button on the remote to bring up the Navigation menu

Boxee Box VPN Settings - Watch Netflix

Step 3. You’ll see “Gear” like icon for Settings options, use “UP” arrow to select it.

Boxee Box VPN settings - watch hulu

Step 4. Select the “Network” icon on next screen and press OK.

Boxee Box PPTP VPN settings - watch Pandora

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Step 5. On next screen highlight “VPN” and set following parameters.

Boxee Box PPTP VPN settings - watch BBC iPlayer

Connection Type:      PPTP

Server:                          Select any PPTP/L2TP server from  “Server Selection” list.

Account:                             Enter PureVPN username from the welcome email

Password:                           Enter PureVPN password from welcome email

Encryption Require:  Uncheck (for faster streaming)

*Note: If in case it doesn’t connect with encryption unchecked, you may try enable encryption

Step 6: Hit “Connect” right under, Enjoy Pure Freedom

Following these steps is very easy and almost a no brainer activity as the Boxee Box VPN user interface is very visual, descriptive and user-friendly. You now have successfully configured PPTP protocol on your Boxee box! All that remains is pressing connect and start enjoying all your movies, TV shows etc.

Please make sure that you have thoroughly followed any instructions in the PureVPN Quick Start Guide and the Support Forums. PureVPN provides live support 24/7/365.

For more information and tutorials, you may access all PureVPN Knowledgebase and Support Community articles on our website.

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