How to setup VPN on Galaxy Note 2

It's always a great experience to enjoy the flawless communication on your Galaxy Note 2 using your native internet connection.  Whether you are using 2G or 3G networks on your Galaxy phone, it will always be great to explore the world of information, news, images, videos and games etc. The major headache for the users here is to ensure security and privacy while communicating via the route. Among all the options available in the market, one that acts strongly is the VPN. Using VPN on Samsung galaxy note 2 will be highly beneficial in terms of information privacy and security. 

Major Samsung Galaxy Note security risks

Users of the galaxy note talk about some of the strongly stated security flaws. Being a very well-known and recognized Android smartphone, its security is compromised a number of times by the hackers who remotely breach the security just by sending an SMS or getting a user to visit a URL. In a security conference held in Argentina, experts accepted that there were certain security concerns exposed in the Galaxy smartphones.  A hacker usually exploits the affected phone by getting a user to scan a malicious QR code. He also does it by sending them a malicious SMS or NFC transmission.

VPN The Best Tool To Secure Your Communication

Experts believe that a VPN on Samsung galaxy note 2 offers a number of massive advantages in terms of security and privacy.  It’s apparent that because of individuals' protection need and especially because of the need of delivering secured information over a system, the VPN technological innovation has been designed. When you get connected to the system through a VPN, the details are kept properly secured. In this way the details are away from hackers’ sight. Galaxy note 2 VPN configuration has other advantages that it offers to the customers in terms of anonymity. Through a VPN you can browse internet with full anonymity. If compared to the hidden IP, VPN supports users to access both web applications and websites with ultimate privacy.

How To Setup VPN on Galaxy Note 2


1.       Go to the "Settings" tab.

2.       Under "Settings" tab click "More Settings"

3.       On the next window click "VPN"

4.       Under VPN click "Add VPN Network"

5.       Next screen will ask you for VPN "Name" write "PureVPN"

6.       In "Type" choose your connection type PPTP.

7.       In the ” Server Address” put Server Address as provided by PureVPN

8.      Remove check mark from "PPP encryption (MPPE)" and click “Save”

9.       On the next screen click the newly added connection "PureVPN"

10.   Put "Username" and "Password" provided by PureVPN and click "Connect"

11.    You are now connected. Enjoy Pure Freedom!

PureVPN -Security and privacy Like Never Before

PureVPN offers a range of VPN services that help users to use VPN on Samsung galaxy note 2.  Using a PureVPN account provides the biggest level of security using innovative security and verification methods that secure information from unauthorized access. When someone uses Galaxy note 2 VPN configuration using PureVPN, it assigns a new IP address that turns your online activity fully private and secure.

Get VPN on Galaxy Note 2

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