How to Use PureVPN Affiliate Panel

VPN industry is reaching greater heights because of the increasing amount of cyber threats, undue surveillance and website restrictions. Due to the ever-increasing demand of VPN programs, the VPN affiliates are living large.

PureVPN’s affiliate program works in a simple way so that every affiliate can make the most out of it. However, we would like to tell you exactly how you can get going with PureVPN’s affiliate Panel. Here it goes:


1. Sign Up

Go to 'Registration Page'. Enter your details, choose a password, enter verification code and hit ‘Click to Continue’ button. Now choose ‘Affiliate’ from the panel at the right.

You will be taken to your Affiliate dashboard. Voila! Your PureVPN affiliate account has been created! (If you are already registered with PureVPN, you don’t need to sign up by filling up a form)

2. Access Your Panel

Enter your e-mail address and password and hit login button. If you wish to stay logged in, tick the checkbox. Once you have logged in, you will see a collection of links and buttons to navigate to your desired features.


3. Get Your Affiliate Link Or Use Banners For Promotion

You will see your ‘Affiliate Link’ at the top of the PureVPN affiliate panel, which would look something like this: “….”. This will be the link you would be promoting to earn through. All the customers who sign up through this link will help you earn amazing commissions.

*Note: You can shorten this link through Google shortener or simply use it as a hyper link to make it appear in a more appealing manner.

Go to ‘Banners & Links’ under ‘Promotion’. Scroll down to see all the banners. Choose a banner that meets your requirements and select ‘Get banner code’ or ‘Dynamic link’. Add the banners to your website or blog to start earning!

Remember, you can always request a banner in your desired size if you don’t find an existing one fulfilling your requirements!


4. Make Sure Your Payout Method Is Selected And Verified

Please ensure that your payout method is chosen and verified. A verified payment method will allow you to receive the earned commissions.

You can choose ‘PayPal’ or ‘Bank Wire Transfer’ according to your ease. In either case, please be sure to input correct information and verify it again from your end to avoid any delays during the Payout process.


5. Check For Daily Clicks, Sales And Commissions

You can check your PureVPN Affiliate Panel every day for Raw Clicks, Conversions, Amount of New & Recurring accounts etc. It is very important to be aware of your commissions along with all the detailed analytics as it will help you improve your overall traffic and conversion rate.

Congratulations! You’re ready to promote PureVPN as a registered Affiliate. Below are some advanced features to use when you have gained some experience with affiliate marketing and want to manage your Traffic, Sources and Conversions.

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6. Using ‘Top Referral Link’

The ‘Top Referral Link’ feature will show you which page or link performed best in the recent times. This means that you can use your Affiliate link simultaneously at many pages and places while knowing at the end of the month which specific page, blog or email performed best.


7. Using ‘Channel Feature’

‘Channel Feature’ is used for two main purposes. First purpose is to customize your Affiliate link structure with a code and use each unique link to drive traffic from different sources.

It works something like the ‘Top Referral link’ feature. Second purpose is to monitor traffic from dedicated landing pages (Available to only selected Affiliates).

How to Setup the Channel Feature:

Here’s how you can change the structure of your Affiliate Link through Channel Feature. Follow these steps:

     1.  First, go to ‘Add Channels’ in Promotion Tab, present on your left, and Click ‘+Add Channel’

     2. You will see a new row has appeared, click on ‘Channel Name’ and type your desired name after clicking on the channel name. For example: ‘VPNDiscount’.

     3. Now click on ‘Code1’ and Type 3 to 4 simple characters as a code without spaces. Let’s suppose our code for this channel is ‘disc’.

     4. After inputting the Channel Name and Code, click ‘Save modified rows’. This is mandatory, otherwise the entered information will be lost.

     5. After saving this new channel, last thing you have to do is to customize your Affiliate link.


Our links should be as follows:

Standard Affiliate Link

Customized Affiliate Link with Channel (After creating the channel)

As you can notice, “&chan=disc” has been added to the standard Affiliate link and that’s how the tracking will be done in your Affiliate Panel for all various links. You can create and use as many channels & customized links as you like.

After creating the channels, you will be able to monitor traffic and conversions from each of these links in ‘Commissions’ & ‘Channel stats report’ tabs under the ‘Reports’ tab.

Thus, this is how you can benefit from the Affiliate Panel and some extended features. We hope that this 'how to use PureVPN affiliate Panel Guide' helps you in the best manner possible.

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