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How to Watch BBC iPlayer Outside UK with PureVPN

After spending two years on death row, BBC Global had finally been executed on June 26, 2015. International subscribers, who wanted to watch the UK shows, were left in the lurch following the closure.

The next best option to watch BBC shows is BBC iPlayer UK.

BBC iPlayer is Blocked Outside UK

Unfortunately, BBC iPlayer UK is only available within the territories of the United Kingdom. Users accessing the channel will get the following error message.


How to Watch BBC iPlayer outside UK?

There are two different ways that are best to access BBC iPlayer outside UK.

     1. Access BBC iPlayer Outside UK With PureVPN.
     2. Access BBC iPlayer Outside UK with SmartDNS

Watch BBC iPlayer Outside UK with PureVPN

Follow these simple steps to watch BBC iPlayer outside UK with PureVPN.

     1. Subscribe for PureVPN’s package plan.
     2. Download PureVPN’s easy-to-use apps on your device.
     3. Connect with PureVPN’s fastest UK server or select BBC iPlayer streaming from ‘Purpose” menu to automatically connect with the fastest server available.
     4. Go to BBC iPlayer UK website and start streaming your favorite shows.

How to Access BBC iPlayer Outside UK with SmartDNS

First of all, you will need a working PureVPN account coupled with SmartDNS to access BBC iPlayer outside the UK. Get PureVPN’s SmartDNS from the following link:


Now, follow these steps to setup SmartDNS on your device for smooth streaming from BBC iPlayer UK:

To use configure SmartDNS on other devices, visit these links containing detailed instructions: SmartDNS on Mac, Linux, Android, iOS, Router.

Once you are done setting up PureVPN’s SmartDNS, all you have to do is to visit BBC iPlayer UK to start enjoying unlimited streaming!

Why Should You Watch BBC iPlayer from Outside the UK?

Here are some reasons why you should not miss anything on BBC iPlayer:

Quality Entertainment

Where else would you get to watch quality entertainment programs besides BBC iPlayer? The answer is “nowhere”! BBC iPlayer UK is to the UK what Netflix is to the US. There is just no alternate to them.

Plus, the programs on BBC iPlayer are all ultra-high quality. With BBC iPlayer for UK, you can access BBC one, two, three four, CBBC, Cbeebies, BBC News, Parliament, Alba, and S4C, all in one!

Content that Has Something for Everyone!

With such a vast array of channels at the tips of your fingertips, it’s no wonder then that BBC iPlayer is one of the most watched streaming channels in not only UK, but in other countries of the world too. Besides being a favorite of UK expats, the viewership of BBC iPlayer UK includes people from almost every country in the world.

So, if you are outside the UK, and want to watch the best programming from the UK, then BBC iPlayer UK is your best bet. And, we have already provided you the best options to unblock BBC iPlayer from anywhere in the world. So, grab this opportunity and start streaming BBC iPlayer UK from anywhere in the world!