how to watch channel 4 outside uk

How to Watch Channel 4 outside the UK

As a Brit, you may be well aware of the UK’s oldest free-to-air television network, Channel 4. In fact, you may probably be an avid viewer of the channel. After all, it is the fourth television channel in the history of the UK and, thus, it has garnered a significant number of loyal viewers over the years.

Similar to BBC and BBC iPlayer, Channel 4 also provides viewers with an online streaming service called All 4 on demand. The streaming service has a treasure trove of mixed content, geared towards varied audiences. From popular Soaps and reality TV shows to fringe comedies and independently-produced movies, All 4 has got it all covered for every eyeball.

However, the pity is that channel 4 isn’t available outside the UK. It means that Brits traveling outside the country or living abroad as expats can’t access or watch channel 4 from abroad.

But don’t give up yet. There’s still a way you can catch all your favorite sports like Formula 1 races or TV shows like The Big Bang Theory on Channel 4 from anywhere with a VPN.

Read on and learn how to watch Channel 4 outside the UK and on which devices you can watch it online.

Why Isn’t Channel 4 Available outside the UK?

Ever since its inception, the channel has produced some of the most watched shows, for instance A Woman of Substance (1985) was watched by 13.8 million viewers. Similarly, The Great British Bake Off (2018) was able to attract 10.34 million fans. But it should be noted that these and many other shows aren’t always available to be broadcast internationally. After all, some content is specially tailored according to the interest of a specific group of audience. In Channel 4’s case, the content is produced exclusively for the audience in the UK.

Moreover, similar to other international broadcasters, Channel 4 is also bound by contractual agreements. And, the agreement clearly limits the channel from broadcasting its shows outside the UK.

Can I Watch Channel 4 Live with a VPN?

Yes, of course. Virtual private network services, such as PureVPN, are the only tools that can assist users in getting past regional barriers, particularly when it comes to online TV channels or streaming services.

PureVPN equips you with highest volumes of IP addresses, coming from 2,000+ servers that are stationed at 140 countries including the UK. Since you have IP addresses from different countries, you can easily connect to the location of your choice such as the UK and spoof your location to get around regional restrictions with ease.

Ditching geographical limitations and enjoying your favorite online shows from anywhere isn’t the only benefit you get with a VPN. The core benefit of having a VPN on your device is that the tool keeps your connection and all its activities completely anonymous and secure (encrypted).

So, if you want to access any country-locked content from a region where it is unavailable, all the while keeping your activities anonymous, just get a VPN.

Devices on Which You Can Access Channel 4

The good thing about All 4 is that the channel offers native applications for a wide range of devices. For instance, you can enjoy All 4 on your desktop or laptop – running either Windows or Mac. However, you will require Adobe Flash enabled on your browser.

You can also download All $’s iOS app from the iTunes App Store. Also, make sure that you check the OS version’s compatibility with the app.

Likewise, you can watch All 4 on every Android device (running 5.0 and above), gaming consoles like PS3/4 or Xbox360, and set-top boxes like Roku, Amazon Fire, and more.

More good news for you is that PureVPN offers compatible clients for almost all the devices on which you can access and watch Channel 4.

Step-by-Step Guide to Access All 4 On-Demand (4oD) from Abroad with PureVPN

Now that you know everything about Channel 4 and how PureVPN helps you watch it from anywhere, let’s take a quick look at how you can access the channel with PurePVN.

  1. Subscribe to PureVPN
  2. Download and install the application for your device
  3. Open the application and select the Stream mode
  4. Connect to the UK VPN server to get a British IP address
  5. Run Channel 4 (All 4) on your device and enjoy your favorite shows!

Enjoy Channel 4 (All 4) From Anywhere!

Channel 4 is adored by streamers across the globe because it offers free streaming. It means free access to live Formula 1 racing events and other UK TV shows and more. So, set up PureVPN now and start watching the shows you like on Channel 4 without any worries.

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