How to Watch Digiturk Play With Best Speed

Digiturk Play is one of the most popular channels in Turkey and there are all the good reasons why people love to watch Digiturk Play most of the time. However, there are many people who try to watch Digiturk Play online but they sufffer from the darkness of buffering which is annoying and frustrating for every streamer!

The Solution to Watch Digiturk Play with Best Speed

One word: PureVPN. Yes, that’s the solution. PureVPN is the best solution to avoid ISP speed throttling to get the best streaming speed that you are supposed to get to stream Digiturk Play. 

Why PureVPN?

PureVPN has more than 450 servers across the globe, and our Turkish servers are specially optimized to deliver fastest streaming speeds. The only thing you need to do is to connect PureVPN.

About Turkey, Turkish People and Turkish TV-viewing Habits

If there’s one thing Turkish people love to do its watching TV, and for good measure too since Turkish TV programs are also fairly popular in many parts of the world. Besides the regular TV channels, Turkey also has some very good IPTV channels too and Digiturk Play ranks amongst the best IPTV channels in Turkey. Digiturk Play won the award for the Best IPTV in 2011 by IP&TV World Forum.

Popularity of TV and IPTV in Turkey

When we say that the Turkish people love watching TV, we mean it. The latest report by Turkish TV Market quotes AGB Nielsen who found that Turkey ranks as 8th most-TV-watching country in the world with 257 minutes per day. According to the report’s findings, 250+ digital TV channels originate from Turkey, the majority of which are Free-To-Air (FTA) channels.

The report also holds some fascinating stats regarding the Pay-TV market in Turkey such as:

     • The Pay-TV market has a penetration rate of 26 percent.

     • Out of 18 million households, around 4.6 million households are subscribed to a Pay-TV platform in Turkey.

The Big Five Turkish Pay-TV Operators

     • Digiturk Play

     • Tivibu

     • D-Smart

     • Teledünya

     • Turkcell TV+

Enjoy Watching Digiturk Play Now!

Digiturk Play is the leading Pay-TV operator in Turkey with a subscriber base of 2.5 million as of March 2014. This figure is although huge, it does not include the number of more than 5 million Turkish expats living all over the world and who are also huge fans of Digiturk Play and its programs.

So, it is the right time to say good bye to the buffering issues you often face and enjoy your favorite programs on this channel!

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