Watch Doctor Who NEw Year Special Online

How to Watch the Doctor Who New Year Special Online

New Year Special, this momentous occasion will see the birth of a new tradition as Doctor Who is dismissing the old tradition of the Christmas Day Special. However, there’s no guarantee that the same would happen for the next year.

Earlier this year, Doctor Who launched its season with a somewhat unanticipated surprise. That’s right, Jodie Whittaker starred as the first-ever woman to play the iconic sci-fi role whereas, behind the curtain, Chris Chibnall took over the ship as a showrunner.

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Old-time fans must have observed further changes as well as a New Year’s Day special taking the place of the usual Doctor Who Christmas event. However, a short new promo for the 2019 New Year special episode highlights that Chibnall’s experimental tenure may already be returning to something more familiar. It’s noticeable that there are multiple additions of new villains instead of the old ones.

Doctor Who New Year Special Trailer

Doctor Who New Year Special – What to Expect?

Although Doctor Who will only air one New Year Special episode in 2019, the New Year’s special promises to bring back a memorable villain.

As seen from the teaser, you can hear the word ‘exterminate.’ Now will the Doctor go against his old enemy “The Daleks” or is this just a misdirection and there is a new villain for The Doctor to face. But, we can’t be too sure about that now, can we?

Among the other changes in Doctor Who, the long-established role of the companion was prolonged to make the show feel more like a troupe with Tosin Cole, Bradley Walsh, and Mandip Gill. The group was supposedly chosen to denote the diverse demographics on the show including the age, gender, and the race of the characters.

Recently, rumors surfaced regarding Time Lord’s most famous foes appearance in the New Year’s Day episode. However, not much has been confirmed about the subject. The actress did comment though, “Well, like you say, they’re just rumors, aren’t they?” said Gill. “We’ve managed to get this far keeping everything a secret. Now, how would we let that slip?”

Doctor who New Year Special

Previously on Doctor Who Season 11 Episode 10

The TARDIS lands on Ranskoor Av Kolos, a planet known for its psychic field that modifies one’s perception of reality; the Doctor provides her companions with counteracting neurobalancers. They come across an amnesiac pilot, Paltraki.

Paltraki gets a video signal from a woman, Andinio, and Tzim-Sha, who warns Paltraki to bring him an item, a rock floating in a protective shell, in exchange for his crew. Graham and Ryan look for the crew, while the Doctor, Yasmin and Paltraki seek Tzim-Sha. They encounter Andinio, who takes them to Tzim-Sha and Delph; Andinio and Delph are the Ux, a telekinetic race. Tzim-Sha has been trapped on Ranskoor and the Ux consider him their “creator”; he has had them shrink planets to tiny objects: the item from Paltraki’s ship.

Yasmin and Paltraki discover four similar planets, while Tzim-Sha begins the same to Earth. The Doctor convinces the Ux to stop the process and help her return the planets. Graham and Ryan find the crew in stasis chambers, Ryan leads the crew to safety, and they stow Tzim-Sha in a stasis chamber. The Doctor, the Ux, and Paltraki’s crew work together to return the planets, and the Doctor and her companions leave.

Fans were thoroughly pleased to see a reflection of the diverse culture of the U.K. in Doctor Who’s 2018 series.

Series Finale Trailer

If you would like to know about the Season 11’s Episodes, here’s the timeline:

EpisodeTitleDirected ByWritten ByAir Date
1The Women Who Fell to EarthJamie ChildsChris ChibnallOctober 7, 2018
2The Ghost MonumentMark TonderaiChris ChibnallOctober 14, 2018
3RosaMark TonderaiMalorie Blackman and Chris ChibnallOctober 21, 2018
4Arachnids in the UKSallie AprahamianChris ChibnallOctober 28, 2018
5The Tsuranga ConundrumJennifer PerrottChris ChibnallNovember 4, 2018
6Demons of the PunjabJamie ChildsVinay PatelNovember 11, 2018
7KerblamJennifor PerrottPete McTigheNovember 18, 2018
8The WitchfindersSallie AprahamianJoy WilkinsonNovember 25, 2018
9It Takes You AwayJamie ChildsEd HimeDecember 2, 2018
10The Battle of Ranskoor Av KolosJamie ChildsChris ChibnallDecember 9, 2018

Doctor who New Year Special

How to Stream Doctor Who New Year Special from Outside the UK

Like many famous TV series, Doctor Who is one of the most watched British TV series of all times. The famed series stars actors from within the UK who near accurately express UK’s culture and largely targets fans in the UK. As you would expect, the series’ first releases in the UK followed by some other countries and regions.

When Doctor Who: New Year Special does release on January 1, 2019, the most anticipated show will not be available worldwide. Apart from the US and the UK, Doctor Who will only be available in selected European and Asian regions. For most people who live or travel around the world, Doctor Who will most likely be unavailable in their regions and they might just be on the edge of missing out on their favorite show when it airs on January 1st, 2019.

As a person who loves science fiction and drama TV series, I understand how it feels to be uncertain about streaming a favorite show. Luckily for you and me, there’s a workaround that can greatly help you stream Doctor Who New Year Special the very same day and time it goes live in the UK.

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Doctor who New Year Special

Final Word

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Doctor Who Series 11 – What to Expect?

The first episode of Series 11, which is about the thirteenth doctor, will air on October 7, 2018. A new episode will air every Sunday until the show ends on December 9, 2018. Moreover, we have seen a pattern in the previously aired series 10 and series 9, whereafter the show ended, a special bonus episode was aired. This time around, the plans are similar and the bonus episode will air on Christmas, i.e. December 25, 2018.

The trailer for Series 11 was released almost two months ago. If you are a Doctor Who fan, chances are you have already watched this trailer, maybe on repeat. Just in case you missed it, here’s what to expect from Doctor Who, series 11!

Since the series was announced, and since it was made public that Jodie Whittaker will take on reigns of TARDIS as the thirteenth doctor, it has become one of the most anticipated British TV series of all time. More so, some fans are suggesting that series 11 will focus on delighting the new generation. This explains why the show times have been changed too.

This time around, we are expecting a new version of Tardis, we can expect major changes in color and some changes in its overall design. The interior of the Tardis will also be revamped.

In the last episode of Series 10, Twice Upon a Time, Tardis was destroyed, so it only makes sense to have a new one this time around.

Previously on Doctor Who Series 10

TARDIS trio travels to Aberdeen, Scotland, circa second century A.D. Bill stumbles across the Scottish lass Kar (Rebecca Benson) honoring the deceased. Bill screams and starts running away when she falls down a hole. There she meets a coveted soldier, Simon, whom she knows from the past. Both develop a good chemistry as they can understand each other well.

When the Scots and the Romans finally meet, they only want to destroy each other. However, the Romans and the Scots can now understand one another so they stop fearing each other’s wrath. Together, they use their weapons and gadgets to capture Eater through the portal when dawn breaks the night sky. Kar and Lucius sacrifice themselves by entering the portal and guarding it for future Eaters.

Finally, we get to see that Missy is not there in the vault. She was in fact in the TARDIS, as the Doctor had asked her for a repair job. However, one thing is for sure, if Missy can turn things around for everyone else, but that might change her totally in the process, will she be able to take that? That’s a thing for the next series.



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