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Let’s have a binge-watching of the Wondering how to watch Hotel Cocaine in the US? 

It is the story of the Roman Couple a Cuban exile and the general manager of the Mutiny Hotel, the glamorous epicenter of Miami’s cocaine scene in the late ’70s and early ’80s. The premiere of the 8-episode series will be available on June 17 on Stan, with new episodes airing on Sundays until August 4.

If you want to watch Hotel Cocaine in the US, we’ve got you covered. This thrilling drama, available on the Australian streaming service Stan, is generating a lot of buzz. Even though Stan isn’t available in the US, there are ways you can still catch this must-see show. Keep reading to find out how you can watch Hotel Cocaine in US with the help of trusted VPN like PureVPN and join the excitement:

5 Simple Steps To Watch Hotel Cocaine On Stan in the US:

Geographical restrictions are no longer a hassle, just opt for a premium VPN like PureVPN and say good bye to all hurdles and watch Hote Cocaine in the US instantly.

  1. Subscribe to PureVPN
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  3. Connect to a Australia-based server.
  4. Open the Stan website or app, log in, or sign up with your credentials.
  5. Watch Hotel Cocaine in US hassle-free!

When and Where to Watch Hotel Cocaine in the US?

You can watch Hotel Cocaine in the US on Stan, with the help of high-quality VPN like PureVPN and enjoy seamless streaming.

Why is Stan Restricted in the US?

Due to licensing agreements and contractual obligations, Stan’s content is confined to be broadcast in Australia only. So If you are struggling to access Stan to watch Hotel Cociane in the US, you might face some hurdles.

Do not worry. PureVPN is here to save the day! By masking your online location, PureVPN tricks Stan into thinking you are browsing from Australia, seamlessly granting you access to its content. Now, you can enjoy Hotel Cociane in the US on Stan from the comfort of your home in the US, hassle-free. Say goodbye to access issues and hello to uninterrupted streaming!

Storyline Of Hotel Cocaine:

Hotel Cocaine tells the story of Roman Compte, the general manager of The Mutiny Hotel, the glamorous epicenter of Miami’s cocaine scene in the late ’70s and early ’80s. The Mutiny Hotel was like ‘Casablanca’ on cocaine, frequented by businessmen, politicians, international narcos, CIA and FBI agents, models, sports stars, and musicians. 

Compte walks a tightrope between the DEA, who hold his daughter’s fate, and his older brother Nestor, Miami’s biggest cocaine supplier. Together, the brothers face ruthless rival Colombian cocaine suppliers, ensuring their drug domination in Miami while keeping their families safe. This gripping series offers a thrilling look into the high-stakes world of crime and intrigue that defined an era. Tune in Stan to unfold thrilling series and experience the drugs game on your comfort zone.

How Many Episodes Does Hotel Cocaine have?

There are eight episodes in the thrilling series Hotel Cocaine.

Cast Of Hotel Cocaine

Here are the incredible actors and actresses whose talents will captivate you in this series ‘Hotel Cocaine’:

  • Danny Pino as Roman Compte
  • Yul Vazquez as Nestor Cabal
  • Michael Chiklis as Agent Zulio
  • Mark Feuerstein as Burton Greenberg
  • Tania Watson as Marisol
  • Corina Bradley as Valeria
  • Lora Gordan as Janice Nichols

Trailer Of Hotel Cocaine

The preview for “Hotel Cocaine” gives you a sneak peek into the exciting storyline, showing you the thrilling world of drug-related drama in a simple way:

The Hype on Social Media 

Check out the hype on Twitter about Hotel Cocaine:

Frequently Asked Questions:

How does VPN work?

VPNs ensure privacy and security online by concealing your IP address and directing your internet activity through a secure, encoded connection to a VPN server.

Is Stan free?

No, Stan is not entirely free, but it offers a free trial to new users.

Can I Watch Hotel Cocaine for Free?

Yes, you can watch Hotel Cocaine for free on Stan with the help of Stan’s free trial.

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