How to Watch Swedish TV from Abroad – Access All Local Channels

Swedish TV channels are popular in many parts of the globe. After all, there are frequent travelers as well as Swedish expats living abroad who can’t live without the entertaining local content from their home country.

Amongst the many top channels in Sweden such as Viafree, TV3 Play, TV8, KANAL 5 Play, C-More, HBO Nordic and others, SVT 1 shares the highest number of audience. In fact, SVT 1 had a 24.5% share of audience in 2018, followed by TV4 which had 23.6%.

Regardless, expats and frequent travelers can’t access the top Swedish channels outside Sweden. What’s the reason, you might wonder? Well, it is the copyright laws.

But, we’ve some glad tidings for you as well, and that is you can easily learn how to watch Swedish TV from abroad with a VPN.

How to Watch Swedish TV outside Sweden with a VPN

Sometimes, truth is hard to swallow. Same is true when it comes to the top-tier TV channels in Sweden. All the popular channels like Dplay, Voddler, Soptify Sweden, TLC Sverige, Sjuan and the channels and services listed above cannot be accessed outside Swedish borders.

As a viewer, if you try to access the channels from abroad, your IP address will be detected instantly and you will see a message that would read something like, “Your subscription is not available in this region…”

Luckily, you can use a virtual private network service to change your location virtually by connecting to, for instance, a Swiss VPN server. Once your IP is spoofed, the server of the provided services or channels will be tricked into thinking that you are accessing the service from Sweden. Consequently, you will get instant access to all the Swedish content from outside Sweden.

Here’s how you can get started:

  1. Subscribe to PureVPN
  2. Download and install the app on your device
  3. Launch PureVPN and select the Streaming mode
  4. Choose a Swedish VPN server location
  5. Enjoy all your favorite channels from outside Sweden

Catch All Your Favorite Swedish Content from Anywhere

Channels like Sveriges Television (SVT) have a lot to offer to its viewers. For instance, as a national public TV channel, SVT, covers a wide range of content such as news, entertainment, drama, kids’ content and even foreign programming.

There are hardly any Swedish expats who wouldn’t be following the top TV shows like På spåret, Så ska det låta and Antikrundan, to name a few. The best aspect about the SVT channel is that it airs regional news programs, broadcasted every weekday.

Viewers who are living in abroad can easily access national TV channel’s content on SVT Play web service. The web streaming service offers live broadcast, sports events like Rally World Cup, documentaries, music, cultural content and more.

Then again, you would need a VPN service to access not only SVT live online channel but also other Sweden-only content to watch it from abroad.

How to Watch Swedish TV from Abroad via Kodi

If you are a Kodi user and want to access Swedish content from anywhere, you can easily do so by installing the respective Kodi repository and add-on.

If you don’t know how to go about it, then don’t worry. Follow the Kodi tutorial to install the desired repository and add-on:

  1. Launch Kodi
  2. Go to the Kodi Settings and then File Manager
  3. Now, click Add Source
  4. Type the following URL: where it says None and give it a name such as Superrepo
  5. Click Ok and head back to the home screen
  6. Go to Add-ons and then Package Installer
  7. Go to Install from zip file and click Superrepo
  8. Click Krypton and then install the file
  9. Once it is installed, go to Superrepo repository
  10. Go to Video Add-ons and find and click Retrospect
  11. Click install to proceed
  12. Once the add-on is installed, open it from home screen
  13. Find and click Retrospect Swedish Channels (Update)
  14. Click Enable
  15. Now, you are ready to watch Swedish content from abroad

Fall in Love with PureVPN & Stream Swedish Content outside Sweden

PureVPN makes it easier for you to spoof your IP with the location you desire. After all, our extensive network covers over 180 location including Sweden.

Moreover, you can stream your desired Swedish content from abroad for endless hours. You can binge all day long, without worrying about the VPN bandwidth. We provide you with not only the fastest streaming servers but also unlimited bandwidth because we understand streamers’ urge to binge their favorite shows.

Apart from getting around country-locked content, you would need our VPN service to beat ISP throttling that slows down streaming and spoil all the fun.

Now that you know how to watch Swedish TV from abroad and why you need PureVPN for that, it’s time to act fast and set up the world’s leading VPN service.

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