How to Watch US Presidential Elections 2020 Coverage Online Live

Have you voted for the next US President yet? Election Day is November 3rd, 2020 and maybe you know that already because you saw it on the news or on Twitter. Voting is the easy part but what comes next can make all US citizens anxious: the Election Results. But this year things took a little turn when it comes to the voting process. 

If you are a US citizen then you can send you a ballot, use a mail-in vote, or go to a nearby polling station to cast your vote. You can expect a delay in the official results because it might take them some time to count the votes. But watching the Election Day coverage and polling results is an adrenaline rush. Don’t miss out on the chance to track a second-by-second preview of US Presidential Elections.

In this guide, we will tell you how to stream US Presidential Election results in Australia, UK, Canada, NZ, India, China or from anywhere else and on any device whether you are using an iPhone, Android, Apple TV,  tablets, or laptops. Also, you can see a list of all streaming services that are broadcasting 2020 election day results. 

Watch US Election Results Live from Anywhere

How to Watch US Elections live online

For US citizens, watching the US election results is pretty straightforward. You can stream the polling results, national news, and live comedy specials on multiple US channels like CNN, ABC, FOX, Fox News, MSNBC, or CSPAN. But if you are a cable cutter and living in the United States, then you can access the following streaming platforms to watch the poll results live: 

How to Watch 2020 US Elections on YouTube TV  

The best option is YouTube TV that offers free election coverage to all users. But you have to use a VPN app to stream YouTube TV if you are living outside the United States because the service doesn’t work anywhere else except the US. Here is a step-by-step systematic process for streaming the election results and tracking live news coverage on YouTube TV outside the United States. 

  1. Subscribe to the PureVPN app. 
  2. Connect to a US server location. 
  3. Log in to YouTube TV from anywhere and watch who wins. 


You can use a VPN app to access Hulu, fuboTV, or SlingTV from anywhere outside the US if you are an existing subscriber. All in all, we hope you enjoy the US election results and find out who becomes the 46th President of the United States tonight. We have our fingers crossed.

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