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Watch the 2020 Hungarian Grand Prix and Enjoy Stunning Overtakes

Sebastian Vettel and Charles Leclerc disappointed Tifosis in the Styrian GP (Austria) after their Ferraris badly collided in the first lap. Leclerc failed to overtake his team-mate Vettel and crashed their luck, ending the race with no point. Lewis Hamilton easily won the race and had 85 career wins followed by Valtteri Bottas. Plus, Albon and Norris finished the race with photo finish. 

Moving on, Hamilton will continue his winning streak in the Hungarian GP to get more points than his team-mate Valtteri Bottas. Ferrari has to prove a point in 2020 to all fans, and after Bonito’s criticism the drivers have to perform better on the Hungaroring circuit.

Valtteri Bottas can get the spotlight and become the leading Mercedes driver in the Hungarian GP. We can expect both Ferrari and Mercedes drivers to set the bar higher this time. But they need to watch out from the young guns, Lando Norris and Alexander Albon, and fight for their podium positions.      

Race Day: The main race of Hungarian Grand Prix is scheduled for July 19 at Mogyoród town, 20 km northeast of Budapest.

We have brought you the complete guide for this event!

Hungarian Grand Prix Race  Schedule

Here’s the complete schedule of Hungarian GP.

DateDaySessionTime (Local)Time (GMT)Time (ET)
17 JULYFridayPractice 111:00 – 12:3009:00 – 11:3005:00 – 06:30
Practice 215:00 – 16:5013:00 – 14:3009:00 – 10:30
18 JULYSaturdayPractice 312:00 – 13:0011:00 – 12:0007:00 – 08:00
Qualifying15:00 – 16:0013:00 – 14:0009:00 – 10:00
19 JULYSundayRace15:10 – 17:1013:10 – 15:1009:10 – 11:10

Formula 1 Live Streaming Guide

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How to Watch Hungarian Grand Prix Live Online

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Some Facts Hungaroring Circuit

If it is your first time watching Hungarian Grand Prix, then there are few things that you need to know:


  1. The circuit is situated in a valley surrounded by the hillside and gives a complete overview of the track from almost any point.
  2. The first Grand Prix was organized in the 1930s, but after the 2nd World War, there was a long break and motorsport returned to the country in 1960s.
  3. The Budapest circuit is quite narrow and there are only a few points where racers can overtake each other.
  4. After Monaco, Hungarian race has the second lowest average.

Highlights from Hungarian Grand Prix 2019

Check out the complete results of Hungarian Grand Prix 2019 below.

Pole PositionHamilton/Mercedes1:35.658
Race Podium1. Hamilton/Mercedes1:37:16.427
2. Vettel/Ferrari+17.123
3. Räikkönen/Ferrari+20.101
Fastest LapRicciardo/RedBull1:20.012

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