Levis Fein Describing the Importance of Virtual Private Networks for Individuals, Business and Gamers

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Welcome to Enterprise Radio. This is Eric Dye. Enterprise radio that is your VPN channel for exclusive interviews with large or small businesses owners and top executives who have experienced great success as well as the sharing of their latest creations, products and/or services that can help to build your business leading the business success. Today we are with Levis Fein, a marketing consultant and media representative for PureVPN. As a business writer and advisor, Levis has extensive experience working with technology companies, software developers and telecom brands. Levis thanks for joining us today on Enterprise Radio.

Levis: My pleasure.

Brief Introduction About PureVPN

Eric: So tell us about PureVPN?

Levis: PureVPN is a provider of Virtual Private Network and it is a leader in that space and people if they are interested can learn more about PureVPN by going directly to their website which is PureVPN.com and PureVPN provide this service Virtual Private Network which is critical for individuals and businesses. So this service given the security the convenience factor the servicing, the understanding that you can get and you will receive high quality service intact support from PureVPN. Coupled with the fact that company has been in business for quite some time. All of those things taken together give PureVPN a leadership status in this marketplace by providing services, series of services that are, as I said it before critical for individuals and businesses that want to connect without limitation no matter where they are and enjoy the benefit the advantage that really come having multiple server locations throughout the world in different countries and PureVPN does just that.

Importance of Virtual Private Network

Eric: Why are Virtual Private Networks are so important?

Levis: They are important for numbers of reasons. Let’s talk with one of the point I raised in the beginning of the conversation. If you are an individual or a business operating out of a country where too much of your activity is policed or you prevented from doing much of anything even though everything you plan on doing is legal and honorable and a continuation of your business or your day to day activity as an individual online. So having that Virtual Private Network along with these multiple server locations in different countries throughout the world gives you the opportunity to have that freedom, your choice of connectivity and the high quality service associated with going online. That’s why Virtual Private Networks as a rule are important. But not of Virtual Private Networks are the same. PureVPN for example as I explained in the beginning has an established track record that goes back nearly six years beginning in November 2006 as an experimental of service in which they are providing online security against data sniffers. So this is part of two things really when you looking it from the biggest picture possible. You are giving people the online security in certain locations where there are data sniffers that would otherwise restrict your access to do business or go online. And secondly you are getting a company that has an established track record of success in comparison to some of these other VPN- Virtual Private Networks. They don’t have the long journey, they don’t have the acceptance in the market place and don’t have the testimonials from users both individuals and businesses that confirm indeed that this is a service that you rely for secure and convenient, backed by 24*7 tech support. All of those features taken together distinguish the PureVPN from the competition.

PureVPN for Individuals and Businesses

Eric: Today we are joined by Levis Fein, Marketing Consultant and media representative for PureVPN here on Enterprise Radio a part of the epodcast network. Levis what are some key groups that use PureVPN services?

Levis: oh as I said they are number of them. First, individuals, you as an individual may be in a country as a traveler or doing some extended businesses that represented your company for which you work and you want to get online. Look it from the perspective of an individual simply wants to get online with the security of Virtual Private Network and business wants to do the same or gamers. So all going to benefits from the services that PureVPN provide but at the same time there are three core constituencies for which PureVPN exist and as I said throughout this conversation as it proved it reputation for providing reliable efficient service for each of this respected groups.

Eric: How do you envision PureVPN expanding or evolving?

Levis: Oh suddenly I can see that this brand would become even more international in terms of recognition and reach it’s already a global company yet as I described earlier and that based on the number of factors both on the number of clients the types the clients their locations as well as the server locations throughout the world. So as the brand further evolves the name recognition in turn will rise and that means in an otherwise crowded or competitive market place among companies that seek to provide Virtual Private Network and again as I said during this conversation not all of those companies are the same. PureVPN will continue to stand out and will become go to standard for individuals, businesses and gamers that want the freedom and connectivity and the security that associated with a Virtual Private Network. So we would become and we are in some market already the standard by which you judge everything else so the brand and the service becomes inter, changeable just as Coca-Cola or soda, or soft drink are inter changeable the same will be applicable with PureVPN and a Virtual Private Network service.

Response from Customers about PureVPN’s Different Platforms

Eric: And finally what’s the response been like among the users to the benefits available from PureVPN ?

Levis: The response has been incredibly positive and if you go to the website PureVPN.com. We have it right on our website for people to view satisfied customer in over 105 countries offering testimonials about the services we provide, the efficient friendly support that is available for customers and of course the depth both globally and in terms of specific product and services. We have platforms for Windows, Macintosh, Linux. Those are key because sometime I want close with this other Virtual Private Network have a platform for only one of those thing. May be just something for Windows and definitely for Windows very unlikely will have it for Macintosh but they have it for Linux and they may not have for Windows and vice versa. We understand that individuals and businesses use different platforms and as a result we have catered to and we continue to build upon those different platforms recognizing that people are going to have many different devices , different mobile devices, different desktop and we have to cater their needs and their expectation and we have done that. So I think in many respects that I know that kind of service and that kind of expertise backed by customers and they have said look this is something I enjoy, this is something I recommend and they have said that unanimously across over 100 countries, that more than anything else is the best indication that potential customers can enjoy by going to the site PureVPN.com and getting immediately the peace of mind that they may be looking for from these independent testimonials that certify indeed PureVPN is the standard by which all Virtual Private Network should be judged.

Eric: He is Levis Fein, marketing consultant and media representative for PureVPN. As a business writer and advisor, Levis has extensive experience working with technology companies, software developers and telecom brands. And the website once again is PureVPN.com. Levis thanks so much for joining us today on Enterprise Radio.

Levis: My Pleasure.

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