Interview with Tom of Adventure In You

Tom created the Adventure In You along with his wife Anna. This couple’s life is all about living life as an adventure. After meeting in Vietnam for the very first time, the two have been inseparable, and have since then travelled to 29 countries across 3 continents together. The duo are least concerned about financial security, and are all about exploring the world with a mission, which is to inspire and encourage people to do more and live their lives to the fullest.

They run with a team of adventure bloggers.

Tom took out time to share his experiences, adventures and digital concerns while travelling around the world.

Q 1: If there is one thing that nobody can pretend to be or pretend to love, is travelling. Tell us what attracted you to globetrotting?

Response: I have always wanted to travel the world and actually wrote a very personal post titled “Why I decided to Travel the world in my 20’s” about it. Being from a small town in Wales, UK I always thought about exploring islands in Thailand, hiking through the amazon and surfing in Australia. So after I graduated university, I made it my number one priority. I didn’t look for a job I could see myself in long term. I worked to save money and soon as I had enough, I set off. That was two and a half years ago. Today, I am still going and making more money from my laptop than I used to do back in the UK. Traveling will open so many doors that you simply cannot imagine beforehand.

Q 2: A lot of people wish to become travelers, but are not able to because of, to put it simply, life. Please tell us how you were able to make your wish come true?

Response: I worked as a waiter for 4 years and saved enough money to live of for around 18 months. I worked the weekends while studying for 3 years and did double shifts when I finished studying for a year. I knew my target was 15K GBP, so I made sure I got it. I am bad at budgeting so I really could have done it faster. The other thing was I kept my commitments low, I chose a job I didn’t want to stay in for a long time, I rented a flat instead of trying to buy one and bought a cheap motorbike that I knew I could sell.  If you really want to, try to not commit to much.

Q 3: What, according to you, is it about travelling that makes it so exciting and worthwhile?

Response: First the people you meet and the day-to-day experiences. Every day you travel you learn which is priceless. When you travel, everyday is an adventure and you can decide what you do/when you do it.

Q 4: Out of the countries that you have travelled so far, which is your favorite destination? And how often do you travel?

Response: This is tough. I love the Philippines, Palawan is paradise on earth! For the surf I love Bali Indonesia and for snow/scenery I love Switzerland. I have been traveling pretty much non stop for two and a half years now so as you can imagine, choosing is quite difficult. However, I travel slow for example, I lived in Bali for 3 months last year, Philippines for 8 months before that, Ecuador for 2 months this year and now, we are living in Thailand. I move about, set up base for a bit and then move again.

Q 5: What are some of the major digital difficulties that you regularly encounter during your travels, assuming that you take your laptop/tablet/Smartphone with you?

Response:Honestly not much these days. Wifi can be bad in places but is getting better and better. I guess the only thing that I struggled with was social media etc being banned in China. Sometime my emails wouldn’t even work making it hard to contact family back home.

Q 6: What is you general overview about the availability/accessibility of the internet when visiting new countries?

Response: As mentioned, I think its pretty good and only going to get better. Of course this largely depends on where in the world you are.

Q 7: How do you go about online banking or making financial transactions when you are in another country? What are the problems that you have faced while doing so?

Response: I use my STA travel card mostly. Pre-load it when I am on safe reliable Internet via Internet banking and then I am good to go.

Q 8: Do you know about possible security risks of using public Wi-Fi hotspots while travelling? How do you tackle them?

Response: To be perfectly honest, I didn’t know much about it then, but now as my entire business is online, I am more cautious about using public wifi. I never log into to bank accounts and other websites with sensitive information and if I do, I make sure to use a VPN service. 

Q 9: Online Security is a growing concern for internet users. How critical can it be while travelling to different countries?

Response: I think if you are taking your mobile or laptop and plan to be on wifi (which I think is everyone these days), you should think of it as very critical. My business is online so I take it very seriously now.

Q 10: What steps do you take to avert hacking attempts?

Response: My websites are hosted with the best companies and have max security added to them. Each have regular security checks and backups. I would advise if you are dealing with owning websites host with reputable companies. I personally use siteground. To avoid hacking attempts on banking I now use a VPN.

Q 11: Any tips and tricks for your fellow travelers to benefit from while using Wi-Fi networks abroad?

Response: Just do your research on what to look out for when on public wifi spots before hand.

Q 12: How has your experience been with PureVPN so far? Would you recommend it to other travelers? If so, why?

Response: Great. I really liked how easy it was to set up and switch on, whenever needed. I would recommend it because in today’s world security is very important and as mentioned just now, its easy to set up and use.

We Thank you Tom for his valuable time. I hope his responses will be inspirational for fellow travellers and they will learn something new out of it.

All photos are used with Permission from Tom @ Adventure In You.

Danyal is Digital Marketing Strategist with interest in Content Marketing. He is a passionate researcher, learner, an avid reader and occasionally writes to spread knowledge and raise awareness for societal benefits. He loves sports, travelling and his family.

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