Interview with MyTravelAffairs

Interview with Marysia of My Travel Affairs

marysia-my-travel-affairs-1Marysia AKA ‘The Luckiest Girl in the World’ was born and raised in Poland. She is proud of her heritage and studied to become a lawyer while also taking a degree in fashion designing. It took her a while to realize her true passion, and when she did, there was no stopping her desire to explore the world and accepting what it has to offer.

She blogs at

Here is what she has to say regarding her experiences while globetrotting around the world:

Q 1: Traveling is an experience everyone loves to remember and boast to other people. Tell us what attracted you to globetrotting?

Response: I wanted to learn, observe and explore different cultures, religions, kitchens and landscapes. Constant change of surroundings and people, is a way of challenging myself to think, to learn and to go one step further.  I have never been really good with monotony and travel is always a solution, of course except the monotony of airports ha ha.


Q 2: A lot of people wish to become travelers, but are not able to. Tell us how you were able to make your wish come true?

Response: It wasn’t always my dream to travel. When I was younger, I wanted to be president of my country, I settled on being a lawyer, but my work didn’t quiet match up with my idealistic ideas and views on life. And when I went traveling to my first big trip, I realized that a lufe full of traveling is something I want to pursue! 

When it comes to simple logistics, I was earning a good salary when I was working in London. So I took all that money and invested it smartly. It is not really a fortune, but when you're constantly on the go, you do not need to pay for home and car insurance and can eat and sleep anywhere.

Q 3: What, according to you, is it about travelling that makes it so exciting and worthwhile?

Response: The most exciting part are encounters with some amazing people you meet on the way. And I’m not talking other travellers, rather local people with their own different stories and outlook on life.

Another thing, which never stops exciting me about traveling is the beauty of Mother Nature. Sometimes, when I am watching pictures of my travels, even I can’t believe how lucky I have been to see all this beauty. And who knows how much of it will survive for other generation. Hopefully all of it, but I’m not so optimistic on this particular subject.


Q 4: Out of the countries that you have travelled so far, which is your favorite destination? And how often do you travel?

Response: I am traveling almost constantly, with little breaks for going home and attending friends and family events. A long time ago, I promised myself to make an effort for the important people in my life. It is easy to leave and not come back for a year or two, but than your connections start falling apart which is extremely sad.

My best trip ever was to Iran. My favourite place is Tel Aviv. It is difficult to choose one, because every place has different charm.


Q 5: What are some of the major digital difficulties that you have encountered while traveling, assuming that you take your laptop/tablet/Smartphone with you?

Response: Most common difficulty is the lack of internet or any good network. But that is something you can predict when you travel in deserted and unusual places.

I've also experienced Internet blockage a few times, in countries which control internet usage. For example in Iran, a lot of American and British web pages where unavailable. Even my daily Polish newspaper was blocked so that was a bit of a shock to me.

Q 6: What is you general overview about the availability/accessibility of the Internet when visiting new countries?

Response: It depends on the country I'm visiting. When I go to Kazakhstan, for instance, I don’t expect being connected to the internet. But when I visit a first world country, it angers me when I find that there is no Wi-Fi in the hotel room. This summer I have been travelling in Russia and Baltics States and I was amazed with Latvia. They have a public Wi-Fi everywhere, for free with good quality too. You can use it on the streets, beaches, on the buses, etc. which is obviouslu very impressive.

Q 7: Do you know about possible security risks of using public Wi-Fi hotspots while travelling? How do you tackle them?

Response: Yes, I am aware regarding the risks. Using encrypted websites and VPNs allows me to tackle them.

Q 8: How do you go about online banking or making financial transactions when you are in another country? What are the problems that you have faced while doing so?

Response: I usually never have any problems. Problems are not related to the countries that you visit, they are related to how your own bank operates. Unless, of course, you are in a country which has no Internet freedom. I experienced PayPal issues in many countries, but I've found a VPN extremely helpful in these cases.


Q 9: Online Security is a growing concern for Internet users. How critical can it be while you are travelling to different countries?

Response: Online security is super important these days, even more so in your own country and your own home, where you spend more time on the internet compared to while you're traveling.

I very rarely open anything on my computer except for social media portals, email services and my own blog when I travel, and even these are super protected.

Q 10: What steps do you take to avert hacking attempts?

Response: I use two, three step verification log ins and super difficult passwords which I change every few months. But I do not take too much stress about it. I have never experienced a hacker attack, However, I had a crazy ex once who tried to break into my Facebook and email but couldn't do so because of his lack of technical knowldege, so it just makes for a funny story to say at the parties.

Q 11: How was your experience with PureVPN? Would you recommend it to other travelers? If so, why?

Response: I loved it so far. It saved me in so many situations and I do recommend it to everyone who is looking for the VPN service.

Thank you very much for your time. I hope we will make an impression with this and travelers will learn something from your answers.

All photos used are owned by Marysia @ My Travel Affairs.

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