iOS 7, hot news mounting over by every communication channel and individual like no other thing is left to talk about in this world. As a matter of fact, silence chorus of dislikes about the iOS that stuck in same pattern since 2007 with not so much variation. Apple at that moment needs to think big and Apple did, it's crisp newly well verse designed an OS that gives a new radical look. More than 50 enhance features are added that differentiates iOS 7 from the previous versions.

Well there a lot to appreciate in iOS 7 but most profoundly adhering feature is its new interface that changes the entire batch of OS.

iOS 7 is compatible with iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPad 2, iPad Mini and iPod Touch. Don’t forget Apple devices can create a spell when bring along with magical key of VPN.

Overview of iOS 7

iOS 7 in Action

iOS 7 desire to start up with an experience that people love and make it better. iOS 7 is to make your life simpler, easier and more enjoyable. Let’s talk about some of iOS 7 features that give better alternative then iOS 6,

Control Center

iOS 7 adds a control center that can be swiped from the bottom anytime to toggle to WiFi connections, Do not disturb tag, brightness, controlling music playback, AirPlay and iTunes. For all the stuff you don’t need to go to settings and search for the options it’s just right there on the bottom.

Enhance Multitasking

At any moment and any point users can swipe to another app by performing multitasking. iOS 7 is more about multi tasking with enhance capacities especially in iPhone 5 user can use the whole screen to see what’s happening in different apps.

New Camera Options

Apple has reorganized the camera option in well diversified mode. All the surfaces of your caption mode can tap into the frame through still, panorama, video and a square like Instagram-configurations. Furthermore your pictures will be stored according to the places where you have taken them, life is easier to search and manage photo gallery.

iCloud Video and Photo Sharing

iOS 7 supports iCloud video and photo sharing. You now can check out what friends are sharing on iCloud when you don’t want to share it on Facebook or Youtube. Feed of new photos and videos shared to a new stream.

Much more to come

As mentioned earlier more than 50 differentiating features has been added in iOS 7 and describing all here is bit difficult. But more of them address to new looks, flatness, 3d Apps icons and many more.

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Need of VPN for iOS 7

It’s no big question that why we need VPN?

Almost every one of us is well educated with the technology and its uses. iOS 7 though, support iCloud and comes with more enhance security from privacy perspective but still it is not completely secure. As a matter of fact there are other concerns as well to use VPN on iOS 7 like bypass Geo-location restrictions and access the complete edge of internet entertainment.

How to Setup VPN on iOS 7

iOS 7 yet not occur with ultimate changes in its settings menu but after all it’s our responsibility to acknowledge you about a step by step process to setup a VPN on iOS 7. So, here is a simple step-by-step pictorial tutorial for iPhone VPN Setup:


Aforementioned were just few new great features in iOS 7 but there is a lot, you won’t believe it until you experience it.  With iOS 7 all your favorite apps become more enhanced and exciting even become easier to get to and use to. So, in simple words with iOS 7 not only device is more capable but you too.

Risk is good when it delivers high yields but it is the most foolish thing to assume risks when you know you will miss. So, don’t risk your confidential online information and online identity and always protect it with iOS 7 VPN.

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