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iOS Security Issues in 2019

When we compare the security levels of all the different platforms and operating systems, we always argue that iOS is the most secure option of all.

The most popular operating system, i.e. the Android platform is known for having many security platforms. The kind of relaxation the Android platform offers to its app developers are many. For instance, it is very easy for a company to launch apps on Android. Which is why malicious apps often find their way into the Android Play Store. They do get caught later on, but by then they manage to compromise the privacy and security of several devices.

Similarly, the Android platform allows app developers to read its source code. Though it is helpful for app developers to develop apps for different kinds of devices, it does compromise the security level of the operating system as well.

In all these scenarios, the iOS platform is considered a more secure platform. Apple never releases its source code to app developers. Neither can the device owners modify the codes on their own devices. This makes it very difficult for cybercriminals to locate any vulnerabilities in the source code.

Similarly, it is very difficult for app developers to launch apps on the iOS platform. The security checkpoints are many and they are very thorough. Even the smallest vulnerability can get your app rejected by Apple.

But is the iOS platform as secure as we think? Let’s find out!

iOS Security Issues and Prevention

In 2013, a report by Symantec indicated that there were 387 security holes found in the iOS in 2012. That’s a lot of security holes, considering that only 13 were attributed with the Android platform. Apple itself acknowledged that around 70 vulnerabilities were located and eliminated in the iOS7 with respect to the previous version of the software.

And we all remember the vulnerabilities found in the Apple Cloud system which led to the compromising of accounts of several celebrities. Back in 2014, the cloud accounts of several celebrities were hacked. Jennifer Lawrence, Teresa Palmer, and several others found their intimate pictures leaked online. Recently, the cloud account of Bella Thorne was also compromised and she received several threats and blackmailing attempts from the hacker.

Safety Tips to Follow

Despite all these threats, iOS is still considered safer compared to other platforms. Following a couple of safety tips would go a long way in ensuring your security on the web. To ensure that your iOS device remains safe and secure, we recommend that you follow the tips and tricks mentioned below:

  1. Use a VPN
    A VPN ensures your privacy and security on the web. Connecting to a secure VPN service, such as PureVPN, ensures your security by offering you with a set of features that keep you safe online. You can encrypt your online communications with a VPN, which ensures that whatever you share online is not intercepted by any third party.
  2. Keep your device updated
    The reason why app companies and the operating system owners release new updates is to secure all the loopholes in the system. Plenty of vulnerabilities exist in the system, and they are patched up as soon as they are located. These security patches are released with software updates. Hence, it is necessary to keep your device updated at all times.
  3. Do not jailbreak your device
    It is important that you don’t fall into the trap of jailbreaking your device. While this opens up new doors from where you can download more apps into your device, the same doors can bring in the wrong kind of people and can compromise the security of your system.

Now that you know about the iOS security issues, we hope that you’ll follow proper precautions to make sure that you remain safe and protected at all times.

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