Have you ever come across a friend, relative, peer or just an acquaintance searching for an iPad VPN? If you have, you may have wondered why someone would need a VPN for iPad.

In reality, you should not need a VPN for any device, for anything, but the digital world is not all sunshine and rainbows!

Contrary to what the Internet was originally intended for, there are a lot of bad aspects that can make you hate the online world. From online predators to stalkers to hackers to identity thieves to peeping toms, you have to be cautious of your every digital step or risk losing your personal photos, accounts passwords or financial information.

Almost every day we hear about a data breach incident where hackers compromise large networks or databases and gain access to trillion bytes of data. For instance, Yahoo ended up losing almost 1 billion accounts in 2013. If you search on Google, you would see hundreds of such incidents, old and recent, that would send chills down your spine.

Here, an iPad VPN Helps You Get the Ultimate Security

When you install VPN on an iPad, your system gets connected to a remote server through an encrypted tunnel. All information transmitting through the tunnel is encrypted at the point of entry and then decrypted at the receiving point. The two ends of the tunnel, called tunneling interface, are secured by various tunneling protocols. No one can access information flowing through the tunnel because it is protected by military-grade VPN encryption.

As mentioned above, you are not safe while surfing online because your data and privacy can be compromised at any time. Using tools like antivirus software, proxy servers, etc. is not enough. When your data moves through the Internet, the said tools cannot protect it from hacking or snooping. VPN offers flawless online security because it uses data tunneling technologies.

Additional Features of an iPad VPN Service

Besides, you will also be given an IP address while at the same time masking your real IP address. It is a very useful feature of a VPN and comes extremely handy in countries with high internet-censorships, for instance, China, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Iran, etc. Also, expats living in other countries will find VPN very handy for circumventing geo-restricted sites on the go.

Apart from that a VPN also lets you stay anonymous on the Internet. You need anonymity along with encryption to best protect your identity and data online. With multiple IPs at your disposal, you will be able to browse any website anonymously.

Keep in mind that anonymity is now a must to survive in today’s digital age. After all, with the recent anti-privacy movements transpiring all around the globe, it wouldn’t be long when our online identity becomes transparent to the world.

Now there’s more reason to go for an iPad VPN than ever. Isn’t it?

Before we move on to iPad’s VPN configuration, there’s another problem that needs to be pointed out as many users tend to face it at some stage or another.

Now that you know an iPad VPN is a must for securing your online data, you may be tempted to look for best free VPN for iPad.


Free VPNs usually come with a weak security protocol or limited security features that are unable to give you the ultimate protection. Worst still, the VPN provider itself might sell your data to the highest bidder. Instead, you must go for a solution that is trusted by users, has a good reputation in the industry it’s operating in for many years.

Here’s How to Use VPN on an iPad

Setting up VPN on iPad 2 is not as difficult as many people think it is. All you actually have to do is to follow some easy-to-follow steps to configure VPN on your iPad 2.

Now let’s get down to the configuration part, and see how to setup VPN on an iPad:

Step 1: First of all, head to the Settings menu of your iPad 2 

Step 2: You will be able to locate to the Settings from the General menu. 

Step 3: Now, tap the Network so you can check the settings of the network 

Step 4: You now need to select the VPN option

Step 5: Tap the “Add VPN Configuration.” Secondly, type in all the necessary information to create the VPN connection. 

Step 6: Select the PPTP protocol because it is commonly used for such devices. 

Step 7: Now, you need to Add your VPN configuration that is provided to you by the VPN provider. 

Step 8: Moving on, give your VPN connection a name in the Description field. 

Step 9: You now need to fill the server name field with the information your VPN provider has given.

 Step 10: Make sure you fill all the other details such as name and password as provided by the service. 

Step 11: Now in the next step, turn the RSA Secure ID to Off. 

Step 12: After that change the encryption level to Auto. Also, choose “Send All Traffic” and turn it “ON.” 

Step 13: After saving the Settings, head to the iPad 2’s Home menu. 

Step 14: You are now done with the configuration. Now, you only need to toggle the VPN connection on. 

Step 15: You will now also see VPN icon appearing in your status bar.

Pure VPN – The Best VPN Provider in the Industry

PureVPN has been one of the best VPN providers in the industry for many reasons. It offers top-class infrastructure, high-speed and secure access to the Internet. PureVPN isn’t just any VPN, but a complete security solution in that protects from malicious intrusions, provides parental controls, and advanced security features. Therefore, If you wish to setup a VPN on iPad 2 or any other device, Pure VPN is the only trusted name in the industry.

PureVPN is a leading VPN service provider that excels in providing easy solutions for online privacy and security. With 750+ servers in 141 countries, PureVPN helps consumers and businesses in keeping their online identity secured.

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