iPad mini has proved to be a successful and smaller version of Apple’s iPad series. iPad mini has a display 1.8 inches smaller than the main series, this is the primary reason why Apple has added a ‘mini’ to its name.

Due to its smaller size, people prefer to use it while they are on the move. Keeping this in view, it is probable that iPad mini connects with multiple networks, from which some can be public Wi-Fi hotspots. To keep your data secure online, it is essential to configure VPN on iPad mini. So, it is important to know how to configure VPN on iPad mini? So, we have come with our step-by-step guide to give you the easiest answer for this question.

How to manually configure VPN on iPad mini?

In order to manually configure VPN on iPad mini, we have easy to follow guides that will help you to set up VPN on your iPad mini without any hassle. Just click on any of links below, based on your selection of protocol.

Note: PPTP protocol is the most commonly used protocol to configure VPN on iPad mini.

PPTP Setup on iPad

L2TP Setup on iPad

OpenVPN Setup on iPad

How to configure VPN on iPad mini using PureVPN iOS App?

You can also configure VPN on iPad mini by using PureVPN iOS app which is available on iTunes. We have designed our app to provide you the easiest way of configuring PureVPN on your iPad. Here’s our step by step guide to use our app.

Note: if you haven’t downloaded our app, then download PureVPN iOS app from iTunes here

Step #1: Tap on PureVPN app icon. If you have a PureVPN account, tap on ‘I have an account’. If you don’t have an account, choose ‘I don’t have an account’.

Step #2: Going on with second option, provide your name and a valid e-mail address or sign up with Facebook or Google+ by tapping on the appropriate icon.

Step #3: Check your e-mail for the verification code and enter it into the Verification Code field. Tap ‘Start’.

Step #4: Choose your desired option when prompted with the ‘Turn on Location Services to Allow PureVPN to determine your Location’.

The location is only required to send timely messages and reminders – nothing more.

Step #5: Here’s the notification of new Protocol, which allows you one-click connectivity. Skip the message and move onto next screen.

Free members will see Free Plan on top of the screen, if you logged in using paid subscription credentials, you will see infinity symbol with Unlimited written under it.

Step #6: We made this tutorial using a paid PureVPN account, which is why you see the infinite symbol showing that there are no limitations on this account. Bring up menu bar from the right hand side and tap on ‘Servers’.

Step#7: Select your desired server.

Step #8: Enter your ‘VPN Credentials’ on this screen (received on your registered Email). Step 8

Step #9: Hit ‘Save’. Leave the Protocol to ‘Automatic’ (iKeV2), unless you’re unable to connect with VPN. You can come back to this screen later to toggle between the Protocol settings.

Next, you will see a confirmation of your VPN Credentials being saved successfully. Hit ‘Okay’.

Step#10: Select your desired Server again and this will bring up your browser where you will need to tap ‘Install’ to download the profile of the country you selected.

Step #11: If you have a Pin Code setup for your iPad mini, you will have to enter it at this stage. Tap ‘Install’ again twice and then ‘Done’ to save the selected country Profile.

Step #12: This should bring you back to the App. Just tap ‘Connect’ and you should see a small ‘VPN’ box on top of the screen along with your carrier name.

We hope that you didn’t find any difficulty in setting up PureVPN on your iPad mini. PureVPN aims to give you the best experience, which is why we have designed our easy-to-use app accordingly. Just a few taps and swipes on your iPad mini and our app will connect you to your desired location. So, enjoy complete internet freedom with complete security only with PureVPN!

PureVPN is a leading VPN service provider that excels in providing easy solutions for online privacy and security. With 750+ servers in 141 countries, PureVPN helps consumers and businesses in keeping their online identity secured.

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