Massive Cyber Attack – Anonymous Hits Israel!

The infamous hackers’ group by the name of ‘Anonymous’ have committed their latest hacking attack on a string of Israeli government websites. The massive cyber attack coincides with the ‘Holocaust Memorial Day’ which is held from 7-8th April every year. It is no surprise that Anonymous Hits Israel on this very day because it is protesting the treatment of Palestinians by Israeli authorities and trying to compare it with the Holocaust.

This massive cyber attack affected 100,000 websites including Israeli government websites, 40,000 Facebook pages, 5000 Twitter Accounts, and 30,000 accounts in different banks. However, Israel did not remain quite about this.

As soon as Anonymous Hits Israel, an Israeli hacker fights back the massive cyber attack by rewording the website created by Anonymous to ‘Hatikvah’, which is what the Israeli national anthem is called. This website was created when Anonymous Hits Israel during its massive cyber attack. The website was termed ‘Operation Israel’.

Contrary to claim of massive cyber attack by Anonymous, Israel’s cyber security experts have termed this massive cyber attack to have caused a minimal amount of damage. According to these cyber security officials, the news of Anonymous Hits Israel was circulated by Anonymous itself, well before the actual attack. The reason given for this announcement is to generate media publicity. According to Israel’s cyber security officials, Anonymous doesn’t have the capability to execute a massive cyber attack.


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Have Your Say!!

  1. Jeff says:

    According to an estimate, this attack cost over $3 billion in damage. But they didn't totally get away with it. Within a few hours of the attack which Anonymous says affected 100,000 websites, 40,000 Facebook pages, 5,000 Twitter accounts and 30,000 bank accounts.

  2. Eddi says:

    Israel's playing this one super cool. Despite Anonymous's claims of massive damage, the Israel's cyber security officials say that the attack caused minimal damage.

  3. Lala Jeeva says:

    Yitzhak Ben Yisrael from the government's National Cyber Bureau told the press. "Anonymous doesn't have the skills to damage the country's vital infrastructure. And if that was its intention, then it wouldn't have announced the attack ahead of time.

  4. Frank Merlott says:

    It doesn't make sense to try and hit a democratic country like Israel, some people need to have their head examined or learn a little history, the citizens of Israel are the only ones that have always enjoyed freedom of expression thanks to their government.

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