Which Messaging Apps Are Secure? Let’s Find Out!

As netizens, we use various messaging apps for our private conversations without realizing the privacy concerns associated with them. It should be obvious by now that not all messaging apps are secure, because not all messengers use secure encryption [Whats is Encryption?]. However, there are few that do use sufficient encryption methods and are actually secure when it comes to the privacy of your communications.

So, to ease your decision-making process, we have compiled our findings into a descriptive table and listed down all the major messaging apps that we commonly use. The table lists the number of users a particular messaging app has and whether the app has employed any encryption technology to safeguard your communications.

Majority of the messaging apps does not provide encryption, you should encrypt these messaging apps, your devices and internet connection with PureVPN. So, without further adieu, here’s the table:

Messenger Apps Encrypted Communications? Users 
Whatsapp tick 1.1 Bn 
FB Messenger cross* 1 Bn
Google Hangouts cross 1 Bn
WeChat cross 700 Mn
Viber tick 500 Mn
Europe & Asia
Skype tick** 500 Mn
Line cross 215 Mn
Japan & Asia
Telegram tick 100 Mn
BB Messenger tick 100 Mn
KakaoTalk cross 100 Mn
South Korea
Tango cross 100 Mn
Kik cross 100 Mn
Canada & USA
SnapChat cross 100 Mn
IMO tick 100 Mn
USA & Europe
QQ Mobile cross 85 Mn
Yahoo cross 50 Mn
Hike cross 50 Mn
India & Middle East
ooVoo  cross 50 Mn
America & Europe
Nimbuzz cross 10 Mn
Free video calls and chat cross 10 Mn
Zap Zap tick 5 Mn
Playstation Messages cross 1 Mn
Signal Private Messenger tick 1 Mn
Plus Messenger tick 1 Mn

* There is no default encryption on FB Messenger, however, you can opt-in to avail the encryption feature through settings
** Only Skype to Skype communication is encrypted. The Skype to Phone communication is NOT encrypted.

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As you can see, there are several commonly used apps that are not safe for messaging since they do not employ any encryption method. There are more than 4 billion users at risk, just because their messages are not encrypted.

Encryption has become a necessity for all of us in the digital age. It is essential for users to protect their own privacy by using the most appropriate tools to encrypt everything on the web, including their conversations.

So, to keep yourself secure and encrypted on the World Wide Web, use PureVPN, since it is the most suitable solution. Not only does it keep your messages secure with the best encryption methods, but it also keeps your identity and privacy protected. Don’t forget, you need to encrypt everything and PureVPN actually encrypts everything!

Furqan Tafseer is a tech-enthusiast who keeps an eye on cyber-security and online privacy related issues around the globe. Apart from this, he passionately watches and occasionally writes about sports, especially NBA. He also loves to spend time with his family and enjoy music, when he is not working!

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  1. a_barsa says:

    Skype says , they encrypt all calls and messages


  2. Lysurgery's Supply says:

    You forgot to inspect and add Wickr Messenger to the list.., I trust it over Signal. End-to-end encrypted and no third party server, just phone to phone, you can also self destruct your messages from any where between seconds to a week as well. Completely free. There is also Threema (although it is paid, unless you use the business application), as well, though I have less experience with it. How on earth did you forget Wickr on the list? Had to ask.

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