Mobile internet privacy concern

Mobile Internet is on the Rise, and so are Privacy Concerns

Thanks to rapid advancements in Telecommunication industry, as of now, around 3 billion people benefit from internet every day. According to the Global Internet Report 2015 by The Internet Society, mobile and tablet sales will surpass sales of other devices like PCs and laptops by the end of 2015.

The next billion people to go online will likely do so via their mobile devices, and it indicates growing convenience in terms of pricing and availability. While society is worried about the increasing use and side effects of too much internet, there are other concerns associated with the use of mobile internet, chiefly privacy and security, and these need to dealt with before they become a reason for mayhem.

According to the report:

"Many of us rely on our phones to help us navigate an unfamiliar city, suggest restaurants in the area, summon a taxi, or find constellations in the night sky. However, many of us also are surprised when confronted with the resulting data on our location and movements that is stored and shared among a variety of companies involved in providing location-based services," 

The report also forecast following facts:

1. Mobile internet forecasted to grow by further 71 % in 2019
2. Usage per device forecasted to more than triple by 2019
3. 192 countries have registered 3G services which covers half of the world’s population
4. Currently, there are 1 million apps available that have been downloaded around 1 billion times
5. Shipments of tablet devices are expected to hit 332 million worldwide by the end of 2015, surpassing 323 million of total PCs, which includes laptops and desktop computers, for the first time.

In developed countries like USA, Canada, Japan, UK etc., people have more than one device in their use. Concerns over privacy rise as people put more of their personal information on their smart devices which may be accessed by others.

As a way to combat this problem, the report suggests a number of things including making it "simple and granular" for people to control relevant permission for apps.

App developers should also provide sufficient privacy choices and refrain from trying to access information not directly needed by the app.

"Regulatory intervention is a possibility, to impose guidelines if needed and enforce compliance."

The report suggested some very basic precautionary measures for mobile internet users. These are:

1. Protect your mobile phone, tablet, iPad or notebook with an updated antivirus
2. Always use 2-way authentication to operate your device to save it from physical data theft
3. Secure all your information with protected and complicated passwords (passwords should be a complicated combination of alphabets, numeric and signs).
4. Keep updating software, browser and anti-virus.
5. Do not save confidential information on your mobile phone or tablet because it is easy to hack these devices.
6. Always use a trusted Wi-Fi hotspot.
7. Share with care, don’t post all your information on social media, especially by using a mobile phone
8. Always secure your mobile device with security kit like a VPN

So, the next time when you go online via your mobile device, you should take these basic precautions to avoid being hacked and becoming a victim.

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