Money Heist Season 4 is Just a Couple of Days Away!

The all-new Season 4 of Money Heist is now just a few days away. The trailer of the upcoming season has been released and if you have not seen it yet, you must do that right away.

Release Date: April 3, 2020.

Total Episodes: 8

What to Expect.

There will be spoilers ahead, related to how the story unfolded in the previous 3 seasons.  Now that you’ve been warned, let’s dive in.

Since Netflix dropped the trailer, twitter has been abuzz with #MoneyHeist and #lacasadepapel. People have been sharing what they would want to see in the upcoming episodes. However, we are confident that no matter how well the fans speculate, Netflix is about to taker everyone by surprise.

Fans are fearing that they might have to say goodbye to another favorite character, Nairobi. The trailer did show her getting shot and on a stretcher, but will she make it or not is the question that is making everybody anxious.

This will be another great heist where we will see the professor pull of one of the greatest heists in all of history. Or will he not be able to make it?

Money Heist: Will Season 4 Be The Last?

It can’t be said for sure. While the director posted some emotional farewell notes to the cast and audience on Twitter, it hasn’t been stated officially. Online fans have varying opinions where some even believe that the show will go on for two more seasons after Season 4.

Netflix Has A Lot To Offer

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Everything Else That’s Great on Netflix

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