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New York VPN – Fast, Safe, & Restriction-Free Internet Access

Privacy & SecurityNew York VPN – Fast, Safe, & Restriction-Free Internet Access

There are many reasons you may want to use a VPN in New York. For starters, broadband privacy regulations no longer exist, meaning Internet service providers have the power to profit off your personal information.

Furthermore, without net neutrality in place, ISPs aren’t obligated to treat all traffic and content equally, resulting in slower speeds. New York is also home to hundreds and thousands of free WiFi networks, which you should connect to with a VPN as they’re unsecured.

Regardless of why you need a VPN for New York, PureVPN has got your back. Read on to learn more about how our New York VPN service:

Specifications of VPN Servers in New York

You wouldn’t want to choose a VPN provider that only has a few servers in New York – they’re likely to be overloaded, which means slower speeds. The best VPN for New York will offer a selection of stable, secure, and fast servers in New York City.

PureVPN gives you access to an extensive network of 6,500+ VPN servers in 180+ locations, including in the state of New York. These servers use AES 256-bit encryption and come with unlimited bandwidth for worry-free browsing, streaming, and downloading.

Supported ProtocolsNumber of Servers
PPTP, L2TP, SSTP, IKEv2, and OpenVPN75

How to Connect to the Best VPN for New York

With PureVPN installed on your device, you can instantly change your IP address to New York – all it takes is a few taps or clicks! Just follow the steps mentioned below to connect to our highly trusted New York VPN:

  1. Subscribe to PureVPN.
  2. Download your preferred app.
  3. Launch it and use your username and password to log in.
  4. Connect to a server location in New York.
  5. Wait a few moments for the VPN connection to establish.
  6. You’re all set!

New York VPN

Why You Need a VPN for New York

There are many benefits of using a New York VPN service, including but not limited to:

Secure Public WiFi

If you’re living in New York, you probably enjoy constant Internet access from anywhere, anytime, thanks to the public WiFi networks spread across the city. However, did you know that free WiFi hotspots are a breeding ground for hackers who want to get their hands on your private data? By using a VPN for New York, you can use any open WiFi safely as all your traffic is secured with top-of-the-line encryption.

Avoid ISP Surveillance

With broadband privacy and net neutrality out of the picture, ISPs can not only collect and sell your online activities for a profit but also throttle your bandwidth when you access certain websites and services. When you connect to a New York VPN, your data travels inside a “tunnel” which nobody can break into, stopping your ISP from spying on you and slowing your Internet connection.

Stream Home Content

Are you traveling outside the US? You’re bound to lose access to home content from abroad. Take, for instance, when you log into your Netflix account; you’ll only be shown the catalog of the country you’re in. By arming yourself with a VPN for New York, though, you can regain access to the Netflix US library because you’ll appear to be browsing from inside the US. Cool trick, right?

PureVPN – The Best New York VPN Service Around!

When you connect to PureVPN, your real IP address is replaced with one of our 300,000+ IPs, and all data transfers are protected using AES 256-bit encryption. Moreover, you need not worry about any records being kept of your online activities as we’re a proven no-log VPN service.

There are user-friendly VPN apps for all major desktop and mobile OS, including Android, iOS, Mac, and Windows. For those who want to use a VPN on their browser, you can install our browser extensions for Firefox, Chrome, and Edge.

Your privacy and security remain intact with features like Internet Kill Switch, WebRTC Leak Protection, and more. What’s more, PureVPN offers a 31-day money-back guarantee so that you can try out the service risk-free.

Also, one account can be used on up to five different devices at a time – no need to buy multiple subscriptions when you can secure all the devices in your home with only one! These are a few of the many reasons why PureVPN is the best VPN solution for New York.

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