NSA Employees Passing Around Nude Images of Common Net Users

The whistle-blower and former NSA employee, Edward Snowden, recently spoke to Guardian and uncovered another shocking fact about NSA employees. Snowden spoke from Moscow in a 17-minute interview and claimed that employees of NSA pass around ‘personal’ photos of people with other workers on a day to day basis.

According to Snowden, nude photos are sent by one user to another at NSA headquarters on a regular basis. Many young employees enjoy the distribution of nude images and consider the power to access such photos as a ‘fringe-benefit’. The most amazing part is that none of such employees get caught due of weak auditing methods, Snowden continued.

Here is Edward Snowden’s interview video: 

Snowden considers it an extraordinary responsibility on those 18 – 22 year old workers who are employed at the NSA to keep people’s private records secretive. He says that the private images, life records, photos and videos of intimate moments of internet users should not be kept in a government database. Snowden claims that he personally witnessed various instances where violation of the personal lives of people was made without considering it a crime, or even treating it as unethical.

Before the interview was finished, Snowden said that he would love to return to the US if he could be granted a fair trial. He said if he was able to present a public interest defense to a jury of his peers, he would consider it a fair trial. He mentioned that he does realize that such a trial wouldn’t be given and that if he ends up in chains in Guantanamo, he can live with it.

However, NSA’s spokesperson claims that such activity will not be tolerated as NSA is a professional foreign-intelligence organization with a highly trained workforce. The spokesperson also said that such activity will not be tolerated at any cost. However, the activity wasn’t explicitly denied when the NSA spokesperson responded via email.

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