Online Privacy – What stuff I should care about?

Hey! Is your room private, have you hung a sign on your door outside saying it’s a Private property and before snooping in taking the permission? If it is so, then have you done the same thing for your online privacy, signage it with do not interrupt or no intrusion allowed kind of stuff.

Online privacy is all about controlling the social information that how much should be disclosed and where, same as how much should be hidden and from whom. There are more risky factors that intrude in your online privacy on day to day basis while we Wi-Fi hotspot or network. The fact is we released tons of very private information on a daily basis on the internet. Posting pictures of family and friends, exposing contact details on Twitter and Facebook posts, Credit card details for online shopping, bank account transaction and so forth. All these information can easily be dug out of your hard drive or from retailers for data breaches.

More blessings embraced for internet users every day in terms of newer invasion of privacy, whether you called it Facebook Shadow profile or NSA Prism program to track our footprint in every manner. Just, what you need to remember all the time is, “You have been watching”.

You Must Know The Risk

Cyber security, phishing, worms, firewalls, Trojan horses, hackers, and viruses seem to be in the news every day. Plus warnings to update your virus protection, watch out for online scams, protect your privacy, and watch what you click on are everywhere. And what can you do to safeguard access to your computer and to protect yourself and your device.

There are many ways by which you can secure your online privacy and for your reference we have listed some of them.

Get a Shield of Virtual Private Network (VPN)

In among all the possible armor you could wear online to protect your privacy the best one is VPN. VPN securely tunnel down all the connections from your computer to the secure server of the services you are using. VPN works in 3 steps;

  • First it replaced your IP address with one of its own making you disappear beneath the invisible cape.
  • Second, it constructs a secure tunnel using dynamic army graded protocols between your devices and the website which you are communicating with and thus, connection remains secure all the time.
  • Finally, it encrypts every bit of your data to safeguard it from the prying eyes of Hackers and snoopers. This information passed through the secure tunnel which doesn’t allow un-encrypted information and protects you from every kind of outside intrusion.

Apart from this VPN is a magical key that can unlock every closed door on the internet. With VPN privacy is first priority but it comes along with a bonus that is accessibility. VPN mask your IP with one of its server’s IP hosted at different country which makes you appear as a citizen of that country and helps you to bypass all Geo-location restriction.

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Increase Privacy of Your Browser

Nearly most of the online privacy threats enter your computer through an internet browser. To protect your privacy you must increase the security setting on the browser. Using proxy settings at a high level, blocking all Ads on, using filters to stop spam attacks and enabling phishing and malware protection will make your life easier.

The only problem is the range of browser and every browser has different setting which may confuse the user. Similarly, sometimes spammers and hackers find out the ways to overcome these security walls.

But it's always better to use a secure search engine to protect your online privacy like DuckDuckGo. This search engine has crossed 3.1 million average users per day after the announcement of the NSA Prism program and Google is among one of the 9 illuminator.

Use Secure E-mail Services

One way of communication is to send and receive emails, but it's also one of the most threatening channels to leak out the personal information of users. Yahoo has already launched the new version which clearly stated that every word of your emails will be scanned by yahoo to stop scamming and target ads.

There are many secure E-mail services that kept your information private. It’s better to use an anonymous E-mail service if you don’t want anything in return.

Online Private Content Prohibited for Children

It’s always secure to check what your child is doing on the internet. To protect children from prohibited content you can take help from commercial websites like kidswatch, cybernany and so forth.

What if Your Privacy is Compromised?

If you believe accidentally you might have revealed sensitive information about your organization, report it to the appropriate people within the organization, including network administrators to stop any suspicious or unusual activity.

If you believe your financial accounts may be compromised, contact your financial institution immediately and close the accounts that you are suspicious about.

Report your situation to local police, and take further step if necessary.

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