Online Security for Travelers

5 Best Tips on Online Security and Privacy for Travelers

Keeping the luggage and other belongings under sight isn’t the only smart thing travelers need to do. Travelers also must protect their smart devices so that their data and identity remains safe.

To make it a bit easier for travelers, we have compiled top 5 online security and privacy tips for travelers that apply equally for any traveler, anywhere in the world. So make use of each tip and protect your data and privacy.

5. Utilize the Screen Lock Feature

To protect your phone against an array of threats, sometimes a simple built-in screen lock works wonders too. Enable the screen lock feature to ensure that your privacy and security remains protected at all times. Make sure to use a pass-code or pattern screen lock and come up with a code or pattern that is hard to guess.

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4. Public Wi-Fi is, well, Public

Never trust public Wi-Fi hotspots as they are usually vulnerable and you might lose your important data to a hacker. It is not necessary that the one stealing your data or snooping on your online activities is the person who owns the Wi-Fi hotspot. The intruder can be another user connected on the same network. So better be safe than sorry.

3. Turn off Geo-tagging and Geo-location Features

Before you post a photo of your cold coffee by the poolside to social media, remember that you are going to tell every Tom, Dick and Harry about your current location. Telling everyone you are not home is not a good idea, especially if you are on a long vacation. So turn those geo-tagging and geo-location features off.

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2. Public Computers Shouldn’t Be Trusted

Public computers are pretty much like public Wi-Fi; they cannot be trusted. What’s even dangerous is that on a computer, there could be anything installed i.e. a key-logger or a password retriever. Your accounts can be easily hacked via these programs. The solution? Only use trusted computers/networks and also avoid logging into the accounts you don’t need to log in to.

1. Add a Layer of Protection with a VPN

Last but not the least; add a strong layer of protection to your device. Yes, we are talking about PureVPN. Keeping a VPN installed in your Smartphone, tablet, laptop etc. will protect your data, identity and prevent various online attacks including DDoS attacks. So as a traveler, make sure to keep your phone equipped with PureVPN.

Stay Safe While Travelling!

So, these were the top 5 online security and privacy tips for travelers. Make sure to keep them in mind in order to stay secure and anonymous during all your travelling sessions. Remember, nobody can harm you through your internet device or connection if you are protected by PureVPN!

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