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Overwatch Maps – All You Need to Know

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GamingOverwatch Maps – All You Need to Know

Overwatch is definitely one of the most popular first-person games in the world. Unlike other first-person shooter games, Overwatch is unique in the sense that it allows you to choose from a large roster of heroes, each having its own set of abilities.

You can play Overwatch in multiplayer mode, where up to six players can play in a single game. Each player is assigned to a team of six from where they can combat with the opposing team. Every battle takes place in unique sets of maps, where each map has its own unique pros and cons. Like in Counter-Strike, players can choose from a list of maps that combine up to form 21 different maps in the game.

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Types of Overwatch Maps

Here are all the different Overwatch map types you can play in the game:


There are two rectangular areas in the Assault maps that the attackers must capture. There are three spawn rooms in the maps, two attackers and one defender. The players have two Objectives on the map – A and B. Once Objective A is captured, Objective B is then opened.

  • Hanamura
    Hanamura Overwatch Map

  • Horizon Lunar Colony
    Horizon Lunar Colony Overwatch Map

  • Paris
    Paris Overwatch Map

  • Temple of Anubis
    Temple of Anubis Overwatch Map

  • Volskaya Industries
    Volskaya Industries Overwatch Map


There is a payload that needs to be escorted across three checkpoints in the Escort maps. The payload is located right next to the first spawn room of the attackers. There are six spawn rooms in total, and each of them changes once a checkpoint is reached.

  • Dorado

    Dorado Overwatch map

  • Havana
    Havana Overwatch map

  • Junkertown
    Junkertown Overwatch Map

  • Monte Carlo (unreleased)
    Monte Carlo Overwatch Map

  • Rialto
    Rialto Overwatch Map

  • Route 66
    Route 66 Overwatch Map

  • Watchpoint: Gibraltar
    Watchpoint: Gibraltar Overwatch Map


As the name suggests, Hybrid maps are what Assault and Escort maps would look like if mixed together. The attackers first need to capture Objective A. Once that is done, they need to escort a payload from Objective A across two checkpoints. An interesting feature of this map is that the spawn rooms are always inconsistent.

  • Blizzard World
    Blizzard World Overwatch Map

  • Eichenwalde
    Eichenwalde Overwatch Map

  • Hollywood
    Hollywood Overwatch Map

  • King’s Row
    King's Row Overwatch Map

  • New York City (unreleased)
    New York City Overwatch Map

  • Numbani
    Numbani Overwatch Map

  • Rio de Janeiro (unreleased)
    Rio de Janeiro Overwatch Map


Control maps are unique in the sense that they contain three small maps all located inside one large area. In this mode, there are no defenders and each team plays as an attacker. In the center of the map exists a large area that the teams must capture and control. This map is filled with the best variety of team compositions and strategies.

  • Busan
    Busan Overwatch Map

  • Ilios
    Ilios Overwatch Map

  • Lijiang Tower
    Lijiang Tower Overwatch Map

  • Nepal
    Nepal Overwatch Map

  • Oasis
    Oasis Overwatch Map


This is a recent addition to Overwatch maps and will officially release with Overwatch 2. These maps are symmetrical and each contains a robot at the center. The team has a block that the robot has to push to its respective end. The winning team has to push the block to its endpoint or be the one that has the furthest progress.

  • Rome (unreleased)
    Rome Overwatch Map

  • Toronto (unreleased)
    Toronto Overwatch Map


These are small Arena maps with a spawn room at each end. These are designed for intense straightforward combat and 1v1 Duels.

  • Black Forest
    Black Forest Overwatch Map

  • Castillo
    Castillo Overwatch Map

  • Ecopoint: Antarctica
    Ecopoint: Antarctica Overwatch Map

  • Necropolis
    Necropolis Overwatch Map


Deathmatches are different in the sense that they have no spawn rooms. They can accommodate as many fighting styles as possible.

  • Château Guillard
    Château Guillard Overwatch Map

  • Kanezaka
    Kanezaka Overwatch Map

  • Petra
    Petra Overwatch Map

Capture the Flag

These are symmetrical maps with a spawn room at each end. Each spawn room has a flag that the opponent needs to steal and bring to their own area.

  • Ayutthaya
    Ayutthaya Overwatch Map

Other maps on Overwatch

Here are all the other maps you can play in Overwatch:

  • Ilios Lighthouse
  • Ilios Ruins
  • Ilios Well
  • Lijiang Control Center
  • Lijiang Garden
  • Lijiang Night Market
  • Nepal Sanctum
  • Nepal Shrine
  • Nepal Village
  • Oasis City Center
  • Oasis Gardens
  • Oasis University
  • Château Guillard
  • Eichenwalde
  • Hollywood
  • Black Forest
  • Blizzard World
  • Ecopoint: Antarctica
  • Hanamura
  • King’s Row
  • Busan Downtown
  • Busan Sanctuary
  • Lijiang Tower
  • Busan Stadium
  • Estádio das Rãs
  • Sydney Harbour Arena
  • Adlersbrunn
  • Black Forest
  • Ecopoint: Antarctica
  • Nepal Village
  • King’s Row
  • Rialto
  • Havana

Frequently Asked Questions

Is overwatch free to play?

Overwatch was free to play until January 2021. However, it’s no longer free to play and you will need to buy it. Fortunately, you can get a VPN today and get the best Overwatch deals by changing your region,

How many maps are on overwatch?

As mentioned above, there are a total of 21 different maps on Overwatch.

What is the largest overwatch map?

At the moment, the largest Overwatch map is Workshop Expanse which is spans over a 900×900 meter plane.

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