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Online Parental Control Starts at Your Router

The internet is like a city block in Manhattan, offering easy access to high-end apartments and an amicable lifestyle, while being littered with pitchers and junkies of the worst type. So, it’s obvious for parents to be worried about the content that their children may consume on the internet.

Dangers of Not Having Web Filtering

Allowing your children to browse on the internet without having proper measures in place is as dangerous as letting them go out on the streets, unsupervised.

The Internet today is filled with billions of bytes of information on almost every topic and subject, including content that isn’t child-friendly and completely inappropriate for children.

We are mature enough to deal with various nuisances posted every day on the internet, but our kids are not. You cannot imagine how badly kids are influenced by inappropriate or dangerous material on the internet.

Kids are generally more curious then grown-ups. And they obviously lack the sense to avoid the dangers freely available on the internet.

Unfortunately for us, negative and inappropriate content is also available on ordinary below-18 websites like Facebook and YouTube. There are literally thousands of pages on Facebook that post child-unfriendly content on a daily basis. We also know for sure that even terrorist organizations have social accounts on websites like Twitter and Facebook.

YouTube also contains thousands of videos that contain some level of nudity, violence, negative propaganda, and inappropriate stuff.

We as parents wouldn’t want our kids to watch or get influenced by such content on the internet. This is where web-filtering comes in.

Web filtering allows parents to block any website which they consider dangerous and harmful for the minds of their children. Keeping strict checks on your children’s online activities is a must to protect them against all the negative content available on the internet.

Web-filtering ensures that your children remain safe from all the dangerous and inappropriate stuff available online. The following guide will help you setup proper web filtering at your home.

Using Administrative Controls on Your Router

Because you value your time, you obviously can’t spend it all keeping checks on your child’s online activities. Also, you wouldn’t want to run and place parental controls on all internet-connected devices your child has access to. Especially if your child has more than one internet connected device like smartphones, iPad, iPod touch, Nintendo DS, Kindle, and so on.

The easiest way to block websites is to setup parental controls on your router. This can be done by accessing your router’s administrative control panel. Once you block any website via the router’s administrative panel, you won’t be able to access it from any device, if it’s connected to your router.

One important disadvantage of using this method is that the restrictions you’ve put on will not only apply on your children but also on yourself. If for example, you’ve blocked YouTube via your router’s control panel, then you won’t be able to access the popular streaming website as well.

There are many websites on the internet that are great for adults, but dangerous for the developing mind of a child. You may be mature enough to browse the internet without getting affected by any material posted online, your children are not.

While it may be necessary to access websites like YouTube, these websites also contain content which isn’t suitable for children. And failing to put on relevant restrictions may lead to some very awkward bedtime conversations, or worse, some very dangerous experiments that may be available on a YouTube video.

Parental Control Router

Routers come in all kinds, each pertaining to different audiences. Most focus on providing accessibility, ignoring the security aspect of the network completely. Most major router providers fall under this category.

Ordinary routers lack all kinds of features, especially parental control features for your children. Those who do provide this feature apply these restrictions on every device connected to the network. As explained above, such restrictions become a nuisance for parents rather than dealing with the nuisance.

The modern age requires better and more advanced solutions for parents. A proper parental control router is the dream device of most parents. A device that would allow them to access the websites of their choice, while restricting some of the same websites on their children’s devices.

Fortunately, parental control routers are available today with ease. Brands like Wouter have advanced parental control features that fit the requirements of modern day parents.


Wouter’s parental control features allows parents to setup different accounts on their router. These accounts can be easily setup and used via Wouter’s own dedicated app available for all major devices. All you’ll need to do is download the Wouter app on your smartphone, or any other device of your choice, and setup different accounts for yourself as well as your kids.

Each account will have different passwords as well as different functions based on how you want them. For example, you can setup parental control features on your kid’s account, but keep them off on the account that you’re going to use.

This allows you to access any website on the internet, with the assurance that your child won’t be able to access these websites when they are browsing the internet. This is the most modern form of router with parental control.

Moreover, the best parental control router allows you to setup online scheduling on your children’s account.

Online Scheduling for Your Children

Features like online scheduling can also be of big help to all parents. Online scheduling allows parents to keep time limits on internet usage on any particular device. The internet is a playground for most children, and they’d obviously love to browse all day on this very engaging play-field.

Online scheduling keeps check on the browsing time of your children. You obviously wouldn’t want them to browse all day on the internet. The internet may be engaging, and has creative benefits for children. But there are other, more important things to do as well. Lunch, dinner, studying, physical activities, etc., are equally important for growing kids.

Learn to keep your kids secure on the internet.

With online scheduling, you can setup limits on the amount of time your kid is allowed to browse the internet. This feature also lets you pause internet access on various devices.

If for example, your child is busy browsing the internet and is in no mood to come for dinner, you can pause internet access to your child’s device via this feature and make them get their daily dose of nutrition.

Get the Most Advanced Parental Control Router Now!

All this and more is available on Wouter, the most advanced Parental Control router available. So, what are you waiting for? Get Wouter today and ensure that your children remain safe from all the nuisance freely and widely available online!


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