How to Enable Parental Controls on Streaming Services

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PureVPN UpdatesHow to Enable Parental Controls on Streaming Services

Are you a parent or individual looking after a child and you have a few streaming service memberships? If yes, then you must set some boundaries about the type of granular content that you are streaming every day while being stuck at home. 

Speaking of boundaries, parental controls on streaming services may sound like you are a controlling person (which is sometimes understandable) but you should keep an eye out for your kids. Netflix launched a movie named “Cuties” that was hugely inappropriate for kids, even when there were four child actors in the movie who were 11 years old. Ironic, isn’t it? 

But to hammer down to the real cause of putting parental controls on Netflix, Hulu, or YouTube TV, you have to ensure your kids are not exposed violence, criminal activity, and adult content. That’s why you must know, as a concerned parent, how to prevent your kid from seeing age-restricted content. We understand that kids nowadays are smarter than boomers but hey, let’s give it a shot. 

In this guide, we will tell you how to use strict parental controls on Hulu, Netflix, HBO Max, and YouTubeTV as well as mention which streaming service has child-friendly content.  

How to Apply Parental Controls on Hulu

Are you a cable cutter and watch Hulu all the time? Setting up parental controls on Hulu is much easier than you think. Unlike Netflix or Disney+, all you have to do is create a kid’s profile and the user can only access family-friendly content. The best part about using Hulu is that one you create a kid’s profile, you don’t have to set age-restrictions because Hulu knows which titles do you intend to hide and show only appropriate content.  

Here’s how to do it: 

  1. Log in to your Hulu account. 
  2. On the Who’s Watching screen, click on Add Profile. 
  3. Enter a profile name.
  4. Toggle the Kids feature.
  5. Click on “Create Profile”.
  6. Enter all the information needed to create a profile. 

And you are done. Easy peasy. 

How to Set Up Parental Controls on Netflix

Netflix’s parental control options are account-specific, requiring a parent to set up a personal identifying number (PIN) to access adult content. But unfortunately, it’s not enough. Some kids are smart enough to figure out that they can circumvent these restrictions simply by switching to an adult profile. 

How to set up a PIN on your kid’s Netflix profile:

  1. Log in to your Netflix account. 
  2. Go to Profile and Parental Controls. 
  3. Click on the profile you wish to lock. 
  4. Change the profile lock setting. 
  5. Re-enter your Netflix password. 
  6. Click on “Require a PIN” to set up a PIN. 
  7. Enter any four numbers into the empty box which will be your PIN code. 
  8. Choose Submit and you are done.   

How to hide Netflix titles:

  1. Log in to your Netflix account.
  2. Go to Profile and Parental Controls.
  3. Click on the profile you wish to manage. 
  4. Re-enter your Netflix password. 
  5. Choose the maturity settings which range from U, PG, 12, 15, and 18. 
  6. Browse the titles you wish to block. 
  7. Choose Submit and you are done. 

parental control on Netflix

How to Apply Parental Controls on HBO Max 

HBO Max is a new streaming service that has a wide range of Oscar-winning titles and shows. Although the service has several awesome titles and movies, you have to make an effort to block some titles for your kids (we hope you understand). HBO Max is definitely a must-have service for cord-cutters but allowing your kids to watch adult content or watch shows they are not supposed to is not cool. Setting up parental controls will take just a few minutes. 

  1. Log in to your HBO Max account. 
  2. Choose your profile > Parental Controls. 
  3. Set the age-restricted ratings.
  4. Enter a PIN code. 
  5. Choose Parental Controls. 
  6. Select Save Changes and you are done. 

parental control on HBO

Getting Set Up with Parental Controls on YouTube TV 

All of us think that YouTube is a safe platform for kids to use and watch videos. But with millions of content creators uploading videos every second and there are more than 80 channels, you have no control on the type of content your kids might see when you are not around. Here’s how to filter YouTube TV for your scooped up kids:  

  1. Go to YouTube using your web browser. 
  2. Click on your profile picture or avatar. 
  3. Choose Restricted Mode > Activate Restricted Mode. 

Setting Up Parental Controls on Showtime 

Showtime users have an option to configure parental controls on their own. If you don’t want your kids to stumble upon Westworld, adult movies, or after hours series, then it is better to hide these titles and options. Here’s how you can set up parental controls on Showtime. 

  1. Log in to your Showtime account. 
  2. Choose the Settings option.
  3. On Viewing Preferences, set the maximum ratings. 

Which is the Best Streaming Service for Kids? 

Disney+ is a family-friendly streaming service and that’s the only reason why we chose to talk about it separately. The catalog is all about magical fairytales and has a heavy library of animated movies. We are sure there is nothing inappropriate about Avengers movies either. So, if you are in search mode and looking to buy a subscription for a new streaming service, then we would suggest Disney+.

You will probably get a monthly subscription for $6.99 per month and get to watch several kid-friendly movies. We can safely say that there is nothing inappropriate about Disney+ catalog because we stream movies and shows on the platform every now and then. The only caveat is Disney+ is only available in a few countries as of now and you need a VPN app to access the service where it doesn’t work.


Bonus Advice

Whether you are filtering Netflix content by ratings or locking up the profile, there are still many ways your kid can end up watching stuff that you don’t want him to see. The key is to create a direct line of communication with your kids so they don’t despise you after finding out that you are locking titles and putting a PIN code. This can also create a better understanding among kids and they will start appreciating kid-friendly movies as well as the fantasy or reality genre.  

We agree that giving tablets and smartphones to your kids for hours without any kind of supervision can put you in the “bad parents” basket. But you should allow your kids to have some space and explore different genres on their own. Stopping your kids from watching Netflix is not a good option, especially when they are cooped up at home in the middle of a pandemic, so try to be a little more flexible.  

Protect your kids…

Now you know how to set up parental controls and prevent your kids from watching inappropriate movies online. Plus, talking to your kids about adult content is a better idea and they will be more willing to understand it. On the flip side, you can use any of the aforementioned streaming services using a VPN app if it is region-locked at your location. 

If you need more information on anything related to getting access to these streaming services from abroad, then contact us via the Live Chat option.

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