How to port forward FIFA 2023 (EA Sports)
PUREVPNGamingHow to port forward FIFA 2023 (EA Sports)

The football simulation game, FIFA 2023, is the 30th installment of the acclaimed video game series. To enjoy FIFA 20223 in all its glory, you need a stable network connection and high-speed service. 

But if your network is prone to lag, you might find it difficult to have a nice uninterrupted game, unless you forward some ports. By port forwarding FIFA 2023, you can improve the connectivity of your network. Here is everything you need to know about it.

How to port forward FIFA 2023 (EA Sports)

Requirements to Port Forward FIFA 2023 (EA Sports)

Note down the things you will need to open up ports for FIFA 2023 (EA Sports):

  • Downloaded and installed the FIFA 2023 (EA Sports) application on your gaming system.
  • Note your router’s IP address.
  • Also note down the IP address of your gaming console/device.
  • The TCP and UDP ports for FIFA 2023 (EA Sports) port forwarding are also required. 

Port forward FIFA 2023 (EA Sports) on Routers and Devices

Follow the steps provided below to port forward FIFA 2023 (EA Sports) after fulfilling the requirements:

  1. Open your system and launch a web browser.
  2. Enter the IP address of your router in the URL/Address bar.
  3. The login page for the router will be displayed. 
  4. Access the router settings using your user credentials.
  5. Once you have successfully logged in, check for the Port Forwarding area.
  6. Open the Port Forwarding window.
  7. Enter the IP address of the gaming console/device in the relevant box.
  8. Now enter the TCP and UDP ports for FIFA 2023 (EA Sports) server Port Forwarding.
  9. The default TCP ports for FIFA 2023 (EA Sports) are 3569, 8080, 9988, 9946,,10000-20000, and 42124.
  10. The default UDP ports for FIFA 2023 (EA Sports) are 3659, 9000-9999.
  11. Select the Apply button.
  12. And that is all. Just restart your router to allow the changes to reflect.
  13. Now you can host your very own FIFA 2023 (EA Sports) server so that you can enjoy countless gaming sessions with your friends. Just provide them with a hostname and port number and you are good to go! I.e.

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FIFA 2023 (EA Sports) Ports Needed to Run

You must forward specific TCP and UDP ports to get the best FIFA 2023 (EA Sports) experience. The FIFA 2023 (EA Sports) server’s default ports are as follows:

FIFA 2023 (EA Sports)(Steam)TCP – 3569, 8080, 9988, 9946, 10000-20000, 27015, 27036, 42124
UDP – 23659, 27015, 27031-27036, 9000-9999,
FIFA 2023 (EA Sports)(PC)TCP – 3569, 8080, 9988, 9946, ,10000-20000, 42124UDP – 3659, 9000-9999
FIFA 2023 (EA Sports) (Playstation 5)TCP –  1935, 3659, 10000-10099, 3478-3480, 42127
UDP – 3074, 3478-3479, 3659, 6000
FIFA 2023 (EA Sports) (Playstation 4)TCP –  1935, 3478-3480, 3659, 10000-10099, 42127
UDP – 3074, 3478-3479, 3659, 6000
FIFA 2023 (EA Sports) (Xbox Series X)TCP – 3074, 3659UDP – 88, 500, 3074, 3544, 3659, 4500
FIFA 2023 (EA Sports) (Xbox One)TCP – 3074, 3659UDP – 88, 500, 3074, 3544, 3659, 4500
FIFA 2023 (EA Sports) (Switch)TCP – 6667, 12400, 28910, 29900, 29901, 29920UDP – 1-65535

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does FIFA 2023 (EA Sports) need port forwarding?

Yes, you must forward ports for FIFA 2023 (EA Sports) because your router’s firewall prevents communication with external servers by default. With your machine inside LAN, the FIFA 2023 (EA Sports) server will be able to send communications requests.

Does port forwarding make gaming faster?

Port forwarding affects the game experience regardless of what you choose to play. It allows your system’s firewall to allow data through so that you can communicate effectively with a game’s server and attain better speeds. 

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