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Pranks or Scams – Don’t Fall Victim to Sinister Threats On April Fools’ Day

April Fools’ Day is certainly one of the most entertaining and fun-filled day where many of us crack jokes and play pranks on our friends and families. All these pranks are harmless except for those where our pranks go wrong unintentionally. Even those are mainly harmless.

However, this is not a day when only our friends try to prank us. Not all pranksters are your friends and not all pranks are harmless. You must have seen news about scams on multiple occasions where scammers try to fool the common public to steal money, or infect their systems with viruses or ransomware. So, you should be wary about these scammers as they are on full throttle to harm you with their scams on this day, where you are just looking forward to a funny prank.

Scammers try their best to make the most of their scams or phishing schemes on this day, because most of us look for funny April Fools’ pranks on our emails, social media, and other platforms. In order to keep yourself safe, it is essential that distinguish between a scam setup by a hacker and a prank that is setup by your friends.

How can you know if it is a prank or a scam?

Where you see a lot of brands, people, and your friends setting up pranks for fun on this day, you will also see many victims falling for the traps setup by scammers on this very day, each year. It is exceptionally difficult to clearly identify a prank from a scam, because scammers have become brilliantly sophisticated with the passage of time.

However, there are a few things that can help you identify scams on April 1:

  • It is very unlikely that a person who doesn’t know you tries to prank you, so carefully read the email address before taking an action that is mentioned in that email.
  • Companies don’t prank individuals on personal basis, so if you see any email from a company that asks you to download a software or update, don’t take any action on it, regardless of how mind boggling the offer is.
  • If receive any email or a phone call claiming to be from authorities asking for money for tax, or any other thing using scare tactics, then you should never give away any money to them. Hang up the phone or open a new tab and verify from the official whether that call or email is legit or not.
  • Don’t entertain any request just because it has April Fools’ Day written in the subject line of the email, unless you are sure that it is from someone you know well and the email address actually belongs to them.
  • If it is asking you to download any file or leading you to a webpage where it is asking you to update/download software, then it is most likely a malware that means it is a scam.
  • If anyone is asking for money in any form, especially via wire transfer or debit card, then it is most likely a scam so you should not entertain any such requests.

These are a few things to consider before you take part in any prank on the April Fools’ Day, otherwise you will not only be fooled but you will be scammed.

A few Suggestions for You Regarding April Fools’ Day

We all know what April Fools’ Day means and what everybody expects from most of the events on this day. So, here are just a few suggestions:

  • Please don’t exaggerate a prank, especially for those who have health issues, or who are extra sensitive.
  • Please don’t play prank regarding someone’s death or health condition, because it is never funny.
  • Try to stay safe and keep others safe around you.
  • Keep it in mind that it is the April Fools’ Day so doubt everything you receive on this day. Everything won’t be prank or joke, but still it is better that you are mentally prepared.

We hope you guys will have a scam-free, safe and fun filled April Fools’ Day where you will only be the victim of pranks that your loved ones have setup for you for a quick laugh. Have fun and stay safe. Don’t be a victim of any scam!

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