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VPN for Sri Lanka – It is Your Best Bet to Open Internet!

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PUREVPNAt PureVPNVPN for Sri Lanka – It is Your Best Bet to Open Internet!

You want access to an open Internet. Well, everybody wants it yet not everyone is able to get their wish granted. There are many countries that practice data retention, mass surveillance and censorship laws to monitor and limit the activities of Internet users. Such laws not only breach the privacy of the users but also ruin their experience of the digital space.

Note: We’re shutting down our Sri Lanka VPN servers. However, you can still use our VPN in Sri Lanka and enjoy all features by using other servers.

Sri Lank VPN

If you are living in Sri Lanka, there may come a time when you would require a VPN for Sri Lanka to overcome the same infuriation. For starters, you would need it to circumvent the restrictions imposed by the ISP or the government. Secondly, you may require it to access streaming services that offer regionally exclusive content such as Netflix or Hulu. More importantly, you need a virtual private network to fend off cyber threats that come by the dozen.

Good news for you is that PureVPN gives you premium access to 2,000+ VPN servers located in over 180+ location, including Sri Lanka. Read on to learn more about our Sri Lankan VPN service.

Connect to the Fastest VPN Server in Sri Lanka

Security, anonymity, freedom, and accessibility are the essential needs of every Internet user. However, what good would come out of a VPN that promises to cater to those needs but at the cost of speed and performance.

Luckily, you don’t need to go through that irritating experience because PureVPN not only offers VPN servers in Sri Lanka, along with 140+ other countries, but also promises optimal speed and performance.

We only deploy state-of-the-art VPN servers across the globe. Our servers are optimized for maximum possible speeds, better latency and, thus, top performance. In fact, we have dedicated servers for streamers, security and anonymity-conscious users, VoIP users, hardcore gamers and more.

Here are the key details of our Sri Lankan VPN servers:

Specifications of Sri Lankan VPN server  
Server Location City Supported Protocols Number of IPs
Sri Lanka Colombo PPTP, L2TP, SSTP, IKEv2 & OpenVPN 128~256 IPs/ server

How to Connect to the Best VPN for Sri Lanka?

Now, you can get a Sri Lankan IP address with just a few simple clicks. Here’s how:

  1. Subscribe to PureVPN for only $0.99.
  2. Download the app for your device
  3. Launch the app and choose Mode
  4. Connect to the server location you want
  5. Enjoy secure and unrestricted Internet in Sri Lanka

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Never Dread Online Censorships with our VPN for Sri Lanka

Some countries don’t practice strict Internet censorship except blocking the content which is either inappropriate, abhorrent or explicit. Yet, you can’t ignore the fact that the governance of the Internet is in the hands of the government. And, it has the power to impose censorship or any other policy whenever it deems necessary.

Sri Lanka is one such country that displayed its governance on the country’s Internet during a series of communal violence transpired in the early 2018. During the violence, the country imposed emergency, and as a result, restricted users from accessing popular social media services such as Facebook, Viber, Whatsapp, and Instagram.

Although the restriction was imposed for a short period, it cut off hundreds of thousands of people from contacting each other.

If you don’t want to go through such annoying experience in the future and want unrestricted access to the Internet at all times, you would definitely need to set up PureVPN’s Sri Lankan VPN service.

Enjoy Security & Accessibility with a Reliable VPN for Sri Lanka

A Sri Lankan VPN service can also come quite handy when it comes to securing your device against online threats and circumventing geo-restrictions. Cybersecurity is becoming an everyday problem for users across the globe. After all, malware attacks are getting more frequent and fairly complex.

VPNs ward off any and every type of digital threats by securing your connection using military-grade encryption. With the highest encryption protecting your 24/7, all your communication and activity on the Internet remains completely safe, secure as well as anonymous.

Moreover, the extensive IP pool that our VPN owns allows you to get a white-listed IP of the country of your choice and, thus, the content which is otherwise restricted in your region.

Wrapping Up

Content censorships are getting frequent in many countries and, in most of the cases, it is imposed because of political agendas. Regardless of the reasons, a VPN is the only app that gives you not only a hall pass to the content of your choice but also protection against internet threats and anonymity against anti-privacy practices.




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