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PureVPN Future-Proofing Users Privacy

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PUREVPNPureVPN UpdatesPureVPN Future-Proofing Users Privacy

Back in 2007, three young grads envisioned a world where people could use the internet the way it was meant to be used. Keeping this vision in mind, they created a VPN solution by the name of PureVPN to offer cybersecurity, online privacy, and freedom on the internet. 

The changing dynamics of Cybersecurity industry

At a time when online surveillance and hacking attempts were making life difficult, PureVPN came out with dedicated features that ensured the security and privacy of their users remained intact on the internet. Where various entities were trying to restrict people’s internet freedom, PureVPN came out with solutions that allowed people to browse freely on the internet while being completely anonymous. 

However, the online world has now evolved, and so have many of the threats that affect users’ privacy and security on the internet. Back when PureVPN was first launched, a VPN service, an anti-virus software, and a password manager were enough to offer holistic digital privacy. But today, with the boom in social media usage and cloud computing, as well as the rise of AI and IoT services, keeping users’ privacy intact is more complex than ever.

Moreover, with the massive use of search engines, commercial web services, ecommerce stores, VoIP & chat services, emailing platforms, Video on Demand portals, financial hubs, and so many other platforms, user data is no longer private and is easily visible to so many online entities, many of which actively gather, or even thrive on collecting the private data of their users. 

A VPN alone cannot serve as a holistic privacy solution to everyone’s privacy needs. 

“The attack surface for the privacy- and the security-conscious consumer has multiplied in size many times over,” Uzair Gadit, the CEO of PureVPN, mentioned in a recent interview on Forbes.

We Believe in User-Centricity

Now, any ordinary VPN service would care less about the digital security needs of their users as long as their own revenue models showed positive growth. But PureVPN is different because it was launched with a clear vision in mind – that is to offer complete cybersecurity and privacy to its users. 

Keeping that vision in focus, PureVPN went to the drawing board and assessed how it can cater to the new privacy concerns of the user, and it eventually pivoted to a holistic cybersecurity provider. Being a customer-centric company, PureVPN actually arranged for interviews with hundreds of its consumers, which lasted for tens of hours, to collect their opinions about the problems they were facing on the internet. Even the CEO, Uzair Gadit himself, touched with the entire user base through emails to understand the problems they were facing on the web.

A New Inflection Point!

All this data served as a re-founding moment for the organization and we are at the start of an inflection point that would help PureVPN transcend the boundaries of an ordinary VPN product. Understanding that ordinary VPNs today can only protect less than 20% of people’s online footprint, PureVPN is now marching on a journey to launch holistic cybersecurity that would eventually cover most of their users’ cybersecurity and privacy needs.

“We’re at a point where people are looking for a much more holistic level of security and privacy,” Uzair Gadit argues. “What we’re now working towards is a new vision of holistic privacy and security,” he says.

For starters, PureVPN is planning to launch four new tools by the end of this year that would help protect a much larger portion of their users’ online footprint. These four upcoming tools include:

  • Encrypted Email: that layers on top of the users emailing service to keep their email communication secure and private
  • A social media tool: that automatically sets the ideal privacy and security settings on any social networking platform
  • Password manager: to keep all passwords safe and secure in one place
  • Ad & trackers blocker tool: that removes all notorious and deceptive advertisements and pop-up ads

With these first four tools expected to go live soon, PureVPN is soon to transform its product in order to deliver on the promise of offering holistic cybersecurity to its users.

What are your thoughts about the changing cybersecurity dynamics in today’s world? Do you agree with PureVPN’s new stance to protect a larger portion of its users’ online footprint? Do share your thoughts in the comments below.




November 24, 2022


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