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This is Enterprise Radio and your Host Eric Dye.

Welcome to Enterprise Radio. This is Eric Dye. Enterprise radio that is your VPN channel for exclusive interviews with large or small businesses owners and top executives who have experienced great success as well as the sharing of their latest creations, products and/or services that can help to build your business leading the business success. Today we are with Lewis Fein. He is a marketing consultant and media representative for PureVPN. As a business writer and advisor, Lewis has extensive experience working with technology companies, software developers and telecom brands. Levis certainly a privilege to have you a part of Enterprise Radio.

Lewis Fein: Pleasure to be here.

More About PureVPN

Eric: Yes sir. So tell us a little more about PureVPN ?

Lewis Fein: Yeah since our last conversation and for the benefit of listeners just joining us, PureVPN is a leading provider of Virtual Private Network and you can learn more by going directly to their website which is PureVPN.com. PureVPN has the global reach necessarily a work with the wide variety of clients including individuals, consumers, gamers and businesses and any one for that matter that wants secure access through the internet regardless of location and that’s very important because you have a people overseas either for personal reasons or professional responsibility and sometime that issue of connectivity and the ability to famously access to the internet can be limited for any number of reasons. That is why a Virtual Private Network is so essential but more to the point that why PureVPN has the depth, credibility and resources necessarily  supplied that connectivity to people all over the world.

Secure Online Connectivity With PureVPN

What Makes PureVPN Different From Other Providers?

Eric: Lewis what distinguishes PureVPN from the competition?

Lewis Fein: Yes again come back to that point we were addressing since now. Many of the competitor in this phase now I don’t won’t to name but many of the competitors in this phase they don’t have many server, don’t have global reach, don’t have long journey in the market place, don’t have the unsolicited testimonials from consumers and businesses that it test to that fact indeed this service is the best of its kind the competition doesn’t have that. Well they are all offering with all due respect is sort of a limited version is some weirdly limited version of what PureVPN offer and PureVPN is a global business so you are getting net connectivity, you are getting that quality, you are getting that service , services so essential many of that competitors in this phase put service left. They think they have might created Virtual Private Network that they can offer to consumer and individuals and businesses that justifies, it doesn’t. Because people will have quest one need technical support. We don’t want that technical support to be limited to just a few hours of a day based on the time on visitors that part of the world they want 24*7 support 365 days a year. PureVPN gives a map for more importantly PureVPN has the servers in countries all over the world it has 16 networks you are getting that gap and that gap translate in to   via reliability, consistency of service high quality service and freedom and that matter is not just for only individuals or businesses on a recreational being an online gamers you want to access multiplayer games there is a need of that connectivity so would giving you all of that courtesy of PureVPN.

PureVPN Presence Globally

Eric Dye: Today we are joined by Levis Fein, Marketing Consultant and media representative for PureVPN here on Enterprise Radio a part of the epodcast network. PureVPN has also increases its presence with Australia and Turkey. Tell us more about that?

Lewis Fein: Sure. We keep adding our server location I am just giving you a sample those two of them recent in Australia and Turkey for where we also went and let me share this sample United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Germany, Switzerland all over the world and again that is the sample. Let’s focus for example right now on Australia and Turkey because we are a global business we have clients all over the world and to support them we are confidently adding new server locations. So that mean if you are in for example in Newzealand, Australia or in a part of Asia, you are going to get that support and same applies to the Middle East since if you are in for example Istanbul, you are in other part of Turkey, you are in the Middle East. In general you are going to get that server location that is going to offered that added support which means unlimited server switches that worked established business with a credible product and service. You are going to get an efficient friendly support, you are going to get integrated live chat and support ticket and server suggestion tool and all of them support access to  Hulu, Netflix, BBC. All of those things that come with having the international influence the global reach and the depth the infrastructure to this come down to the infrastructure to the server location necessary to the part. All of our consumers that want to use these services as I have said in the beginning they could be gamers, they may be individuals that simply wants to go online in a country or a city where accesses are limited because of data sniffers or it could be businesses but for sure one thing common that they want a benefit of Virtual Private Network and a service that has a credibility in a market place and a long journey. We have been doing this for a long time and suppose the competition many of which don’t have the infrastructure, don’t have the experience and don’t have the tech support we supply all of which for daily is further enhanced by creating our services for multiple platforms. So you don’t have to limit yourself for one device, with a one platform Windows or Linux. Now works and support with all of these different platforms because we believe people want to get online they want to do so all around the world with different devices and platforms with themselves.

Importance of Expansion in Business

Eric Dye: Why is expansion so critical?

Lewis Fein: Well I come back to this point that I have made throughout of discussion. If you are global company you have to have a global reach. PureVPN is a global company. We are in over 16 countries as I have just said we just added Australia and Turkey for server location and if you are going to service, clients all over the world then you better have the server location in these key countries we give you better have 24*7 tech support to help clients we do that. And you also should have the platform that supports all of these different devices we do that and by the way I would encourage people to go to the website PureVPN.com. Their tutorials for Windows, Linux, Macintosh, Devices & others.  All of that is key because we are educating the consumers.  We are not the giving them various process that site itself has increased to the use. What is the point we are showing to them how easy it is to use. As oppose to against the competition for a lot of their system, some of them have made it very difficult to decide unless you are technology experts and finally we are doing this backed by efficient friendly support that is available 24 hours a day 7 days a week so you have a question in whatever you should taken you are going to get a response. Service is interval to supplying these Virtual Private Networks and to be frank the competition of and out for looking we don’t it’s a corner stuff of the service we provide. 


Eric Dye: Good stuff and glad to know that. In conclusion, on last question for you Lewis. How does this reach benefit the user?

Lewis Fein: Bottom line the user has the peace of mind knowing that we are going to protect against data sniffers, we are going to provide reliable connectivity. We have multiple server locations throughout the world so that means you are going to get consistency of service and finally and throughout most importantly the support if you have a question and concern or you just need to know the information because priority is key and we provide that priority through the support through the information answering your question and I would encouraging people to go to their website PureVPN.com because if you stands a few minutes going through a website clicking on various tabs and reading about the services then I think your get a forward appreciation of just how innovative, how brand there is and how we stand apart from the competition. It’s not to discerned the competition hardly but to remind the people there are differences those differences translates in to differences in service and support and credibility in the market place and we stand apart because we have been doing this for quite some time, we have the global reach, we have the product and services which support the multiple platforms and we rare 24hours a day 7 days we answered to any question to the process and it take come across to transform some speak about our services. So that is the hallmark of PureVPN and I think in enlarge it will continue success.

Eric Dye: He is Levis Fein, marketing consultant and media representative for PureVPN. As a business writer and advisor, Levis has extensive experience working with technology companies, software developers and telecom brands. And once again the website I referred is PureVPN.com. Levis its being great to catch up again and thanks for joining us on Enterprise Radio.

Lewis Fein: My pleasure.




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