Moving a Step Closer to User Trust – PureVPN Joins Hands with i2Coalition and its VPN Trust Initiative

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PureVPN UpdatesMoving a Step Closer to User Trust – PureVPN Joins Hands with i2Coalition and its VPN Trust Initiative

The internet domain is ever-expanding, yet the privacy that we expect out of it seems to be gradually shrinking. The same can be said about freedom of expression that we once had taken for granted. Meanwhile, digital threats are also growing at an exponential pace, putting our data at serious risk.

But it doesn’t stop there. Legislators and policymakers also bend laws as per their convenience by imposing regulations like anti-privacy policies, such as data retention and surveillance. Under such circumstances, netizens are left with no other option but to rely upon tools like virtual private networks (VPNs).

VPNs have been around for many years, helping people enjoy secure and safer internet through security and privacy-centric features. Yet, many people are either unaware of the vitally important benefits of a VPN or have lost their trust as some services failed to meet their demands and expectations.

With i2Coalition’s VTI, We Hope to Raise Users’ Trust and Confidence to a New Level

Trust and transparency have always been the core principles of PureVPN. To uphold and maintain those principles, we have always gone beyond the reasonable. We opened our infrastructure and systems to multiple audits by the world’s leading auditors: Altius IT and KPMG.

We have even signed up for an ‘Always-on’ KPMG audit, authorizing the firm to audit our systems and logs to ensure that we comply with our privacy policy and no-log claims throughout the year. With the ‘always-on’ designation, KPMG can show up at our doorstep at any time without warning and perform a thorough audit.

In a continuous effort to raise and bolster users’ trust and confidence in our services, we have become an esteemed member of the Internet Infrastructure Coalition (i2Coalition) and its VPN Trust Initiative (VTI).

What is i2Coalition? i2Coalition Represents the Collective Voice of Internet Leaders

The inception of the i2Coalition task force came at a serious time when the United States’ legislators tried to propose bills (SOPA and PIPA) that could have altered the digital landscape for the worse.

The founding and charter members of i2Coalition realized that the internet pioneers and its infrastructure providers should have a voice on the table, founding the non-profit organization in 2012.

The i2Coalition aims to:

  • Help lawmakers and legislators understand how internet infrastructure works.
  • Advocate reasonable policies that contribute to the internet’s growth instead of deterioration.
  • Make the internet equally fair and accessible to everyone.
  • Ensure fair treatment of laws concerning the internet

The VPN Trust Initiative Nurtures Trust and Empowers Users

VTI is an initiative of the i2Coalition that is formed by the industry’s leading VPN providers. The joint formation enables VPN leaders to share their collective knowledge and insights into the industry and the input of third-party experts and civil society to create, promote, and validate regulations that bolster trust, establish transparency, and mitigate risks.

By setting some core tenets, VTI seeks to:

  •         Highlight and establish best practices for VPN services globally.
  •         Formulate and strengthen consensual policies.
  •         Share relevant information with the tech industry and policymakers.

The core principles revolve around security measures and protocols, data logging and other privacy policies, advertising programs and practices, GDP and disclosure transparency, and public education around VPNs.

The Unison of i2Coalition’s VTI and PureVPN is Vitally Beneficial to Our Users

PureVPN has invested time, manpower, and resources into ensuring that users enjoy a safe and reliable VPN service. With our alignment with two renowned auditors and engaging in an ‘always-on’ audit, we are committed to this mission of safety and security for our customers.

We are the first VPN provider in the industry to comply with General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). We have even exposed our applications to exclusive bug bounty programs to fix bugs and improve our app experience.

Our move to join forces with the i2C-powered VPN Trust Initiative reflects that our objectives align with their principles which are focused on “building understanding, strengthening trust, and mitigating risk for VPN users.”

With continuous collaboration, we believe that we will be able to work towards an open and equally accessible internet to users globally. We will also be able to raise our voice against non-privacy-friendly policies and help legislators understand the VPN infrastructure, and suggest sensible policies that result in the growth of the internet.

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