PureVPN launches New VPN Apps with Enhanced Features

The wait is finally over! PureVPN has delivered another surprise for its users

PureVPN turned 9 this year and with the birthday celebration, new exciting features have been introduced to all PureVPN apps. PureVPN has completely revamped its VPN apps with fascinating new features including VPN on demand, dedicated IP and "Multi-Language". Yes, PureVPN users in Germany, France, and Netherlands can now use PureVPN's apps in English, Dutch, French, and German. The re-imagined apps have more functionality under the hood and the performance offers added oomph.

Details of New Features Added in PureVPN’s Apps

PureVPN for Android 

New features added in our PureVPN's Android VPN app are:

PureVPN for android

1. Multi-Language

PureVPN is now available in 4 different languages, including English, French, German, and Dutch. Users can conveniently select their desired language from the settings menu. With just a tap, you can switch languages to get a better understanding and utilization of our app. Also, we are working on incorporating other languages to our platforms.

2. Updated User Interface

A redefined user interface has made the app much more friendly and easy to use. The app size is lightweight, which means it loads instantly and does not hog your device’s resources. You can expect efficient response from the updated interface and added features to give you the best experience ever!

3. Auto-Redial

PureVPN has added the "Auto-Redial" feature in its Android app to help users automatically reconnect the VPN immediately if the connection drops. PureVPN users can now save more time and remain protected at all times with this feature. This means you will not have to go back to the app to get connected again.

4. Split Tunneling

This is a great feature as it allows you to access the internet through PureVPN’s network and your ISP’s network at the same time. Having the ability to divert your internet traffic allows you more freedom without any restrictions.

5. Feedback

PureVPN users can now share their feedback with us in real-time with the “Feedback” feature. This feature has been specifically added to open new channels of communications so we can help our users get the best from their internet experience. It is your valuable feedback that has helped us offer you better services, and this feature will also help us assist you better.

PureVPN android app

PureVPN for iOS

Here are the details of the new features added in our iOS VPN app:

PureVPN for ios

1. New User Interface

PureVPN has incorporated a completely new and free-flowing interface in its iOS app. This has been done to ensure a near-perfect PureVPN experience. The app comprises of rich detailing for each option to give the best experience. The layout of the app is easy to understand and use.

2. Split-Tunneling/On Demand VPN

After great success on Windows and Android VPN apps, PureVPN has added the Split-Tunneling feature in  iOS app as well. This was one feature that was constantly demanded by PureVPN iOS VPN users. It is known as "On Demand VPN" and has the same functionality as Split Tunneling. The feature allows you to freely choose your course of traffic through your ISP or your VPN.

3. Dedicated IP

PureVPN users can now use a dedicated IP with our iOS VPN app almost instantly. All a user needs to do is to go to setting and select "Dedicated IP" option, enter their credentials and they will be connected with their dedicated IP. A dedicated IP offers more security benefits and rapid access to your website anytime you need. You can securely use online banking without worrying about someone snooping on you. As with a dedicated IP, only you are aware about your IP address, hence adding an extra layer of security to your device.

4. Multi-Language

The multi-language feature has been added for all iOS platforms; iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Now, iOS users can use PureVPN's iOS app in four different languages. Having integrated multiple language option, users can now choose their desired language and change languages as per their need.

5. Modes

The updated app comes with a feature where you can choose your mode through a list of pre-defined mode sets. You can switch around the modes as per your desired need. For example, if you want internet freedom, you can just tap on it and do the same for other modes.

PureVPN ios App

PureVPN for Windows

Let’s see what PureVPN has added in its Windows VPN App:

PureVPN for Windows

1. Split-Tunneling for 32 and 64-bit Operating Systems

To assure utmost security, PureVPN has upgraded its Split-Tunneling feature, which now supports both 32-bit and 64-bit Windows Operating Systems. The software supports Split-Tunneling like other platforms and ensures smooth running of VPN service. Users can choose to direct their traffic from ISP or either the VPN network with just a click of a button.

2. Multi-Language

PureVPN's Windows VPN app can now be used in four different languages, including English, French, German, and Dutch. By choosing a particular language, the entire layout of the software changes aiding in better utilization of the app.

3. Feedback

PureVPN users can speak their heart out with our new “Feedback” feature. The feature will allow our users to communicate with us in real-time, instantly. A dedicated column for Support is there for users to share their invaluable observations. All feedbacks are appreciated and we work on improving our service with the help of your comments.

purevpn windows app

PureVPN for Mac

Here's what has been added to PureVPN's Mac VPN app:

PureVPN for mac

1. Multi-Language

Like all other platforms, PureVPN has added the multi-language feature to its Mac VPN app as well. We believe users should have the freedom to choose their desired language and it should be easily available on all platforms.

2. SSTP Protocol

PureVPN has added SSTP protocol support to its Mac VPN app to ensure optimum privacy and premium protection for its Mac VPN users. The good part of SSTP is it integrates with client/server infrastructure seamlessly. For example, SSTP supports password + strong user authentication (like Smart-Card, RSA SecurID, etc) using various PPP authentication algorithms.

3. Feedback

The feedback option has been added to empower our users to share their experience, suggestions, questions, queries or complaints with us in real-time. We have a passion for becoming the best at providing services, which is why the update comes with a feedback option. Users can respond back with their valuable observation of the updated user-friendly interface and any additions they deem necessary.

PureVPN mac app

We are what we are because of our users. Your suggestions, advice, recommendations or complaints are always welcome at PureVPN. Our users can contact us anytime through live chat, email, and support center. Our representatives will be instantly available to assist you in your concern.

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