PureVPN Announces COVID-19 Medical Fund & Other Wellness Updates

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PUREVPNAt PureVPNPureVPN Announces COVID-19 Medical Fund & Other Wellness Updates

At PureVPN, our staff is our family. Our more than 200 employees have been working remotely since early March in response to the pandemic to keep our staff members safe as well as their families, and of course, our neighbors and friends.

Our company has responded to the threat of coronavirus by launching several company-wide initiatives.

Medical Relief Fund

While some areas in the world have weathered significant losses as a result of the coronavirus, our staff is patiently hoping that we can flatten the curve, but we will do our part to support our staff members should any of our team or their families fall ill with the virus.

This includes parents, spouses, dependent children including stepchildren and legally adopted children up to the age of 18. That’s why we recently announced the COVID-19 Medical Fund for PureVPN staffers, which covers the following:

  • Our company will cover any expenses incurred due to outpatient testing and treatment of COVID-19 for our staff members and any members of their families.
  • Our company will cover any expenses due to inpatient treatment of COVID-19 for our staff members and any members of their families.

“As thousands of people are being laid off, Pure goes above and beyond to support those in need. God bless this organization” – Amir Ali Virani

Resource Center

Our team has recently put together a detailed internal resource center that addresses issues that may arise during the course of this pandemic. We know it is very difficult both physically and emotionally to be isolated for a prolonged time, and while we cannot physically be there for everyone as much as we wish we could be, we can at least consolidate the best resources available to support staff members.

We’ve thus aggregated the following local tools:

  • Physical Wellness: hospitals and labs for COVID-19 testing and treatment, telemedicine providers, and videos
  • Emotional Wellness: hospitals and clinics offering emotional support, online counseling providers, and videos
  • Social Welfare: locations that accept various donations (clothing, food, etc.), blood drives, and videos

Our internal portal is being used to provide additional support for anything our staff needs.

“What a swift response to the crisis. It shows how genuinely the company cares about its values.” – Sameer Ali Khan

Revised Remote Policies

Our team will be working remotely for the foreseeable future; we want to ensure we play our part in keeping everyone around us safe.


Since we recognize there are challenges in working remotely, namely in the fact that no one was expected to be working on their personal devices for work-related activities for so long, we’ve made a few accommodations to support our team as work continues at home for the time being:

👉 We’ve issued an allowance to support the purchase of surge protectors and uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) as well as a monthly internet allowance and a one time hardware purchase.

👉 We’ve enacted policies that ensure communication runs smoothly throughout the day, allowing for breaks if necessary as long as it does not impact any current projects.

👉 We’ve established firm policies that ensure that team members are still accountable to their team leaders and managers and vice versa, with ongoing communication and a feedback loop which is focused on increasing productivity and keeping high team morale.

👉 We’ve also established a grievance process which will continue beyond COVID-19 to ensure that everyone is being heard and listened to, as we understand right now in particular, things aren’t easy. This structure is hardly ideal for most people. It’s socially isolating and extraordinarily challenging. And we know people are struggling with it. With a process like this in place, we know we can work to resolve concerns of our staffers and listen to them promptly, fairly, and in accordance with other company policies.

“Such gestures are what defines the culture of a great company” – Shaharyar Asghar

Finally, the lack of face time is challenging in all organizations, not just ours. We will be more front-facing as a company in providing ongoing updates on how we’re tackling these various challenges to ensure transparency across all business units.

At PureVPN, we recognize that serving the needs of hundreds of employees while also speaking to the needs of their families requires big shoes to fill. However, we hope that by implementing these policies, we can help make the lives of our staff and their families easier during these difficult times.

We deeply care about each and every member of our team and hope we can, as a company, play this small part in keeping our staff physically and emotionally healthy, safe, and productive as we continue working remotely to help those around us also stay healthy and safe.




November 24, 2022


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