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PureVPN Sabai Technology – Affiliation for a Better Internet Experience

PureVPN, the leading and most innovative VPN service provider with a dynamic customer base from 150 countries is rolling its wheels again as innovations and features expansions are an ongoing part of PureVPN service. After making hit on numerous milestones, like Software updates, Network Extensions, OpenVPN support and Compatibility with more devices, PureVPN is proud to announce its affiliation with Sabai Technology. It is a well renowned name in the IT world for providing best consumer VPN routers and wireless accessories to individual as well as for Businesses.

PureVPN never let any opportunity go through which it can enhance its most incredible VPN services, such an opportunity that PureVPN grab is affiliation to extend the functionality of its services by combining two technology together. Sabai routers are pre configured with PureVPN services.

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Benefits of Sabai VPN Routers

VPN router is a technology that constructs an invisible bridge between numerous devices at the same time by using one single VPN account, bringing more freedom, security and privacy of the internet world on your doorstep. It can create a wonder by connecting a few devices on small space and undeniable spell by connecting hundreds of devices on business scale.

Using a VPN anonymous service and then route it on other devices by using a VPN router will make the whole network completely secure. This way every device that is connected to the VPN router will be secured from packet-sniffing and data snooping by hackers.

Most devices like Smart TV and gaming console don’t have built-in VPN client setup and that is where Sabai VPN routers come in.

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Advantages of PureVPN and Sabai VPN Routers Affiliation

PureVPN already had earned superiority among all VPN providers in the VPN industry by providing consistent and reliable services. With a number of unique features like Multi login, Split tunneling, excellent VPN apps and extraordinary customer care, it’s the first choice amongst all.

Now, after the affiliation between PureVPN and Sabai Technology, VPN users can get much more enhanced VPN services. PureVPN configured Sabai router will empower the user to spread the freedom of internet along with security through the router and connect multiple devices at once. That means at the same time you can connect your Laptop, Desktop, Smartphone or even Xbox and Smart TV with one single PureVPN account by using pre configured Sabai VPN routers.

The company offers seven models, furbished with Sabai OS that supports OpenVPN and PPTP. The best part is both services for Sabai technology work with PureVPN services. This makes it must for you to go with PureVPN Sabai Technology.

PureVPN is a leading VPN service provider that excels in providing easy solutions for online privacy and security. With 2000+ servers in 141+ countries, PureVPN helps consumers and businesses in keeping their online identity secured.

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