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PureVPN – The Best MMO Online Gaming VPN

Massively Multiplayer Online (MMO) gaming is a whole different world and it has now become a multi-million dollar industry. With massive tournaments and teams, the popularity of MMORPGs is only rising across the globe. This is the reason why the gems of MMORPG Games like Battle field 4, World of WarCraft, League of Legend and Dota 2 are available to most of us but with high level of latency and Ping.

Game Ping Server Region
Star Wars The Old Republic 60 ms US
142+ PureVPN American Servers
EVE Online 70 ms
The Elder Scrolls Online 100 ms Europe
249+ PureVPN European Servers
PlanetSide 2 80 ms
World Of Warcraft 90 ms Asia/Europe
80+ PureVPN Asian Servers

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Why Need a VPN For MMO Gaming

Reduce Lag and Improve Speed

Gaming VPN helps you to amplify and boost your online gaming speed. It helps you to reduce lags and latency meanwhile decrease the transit time which in result reduces game load time.


DDOS Attack Protection

MMO games are most vulnerable to DDOS attacks and many opponents use DDOS attacks to get unfair advantage in the game. By Using PureVPN, MMO gamers can avoid DDOS Attacks and can use DDOS protected IP for online games.

Get PureVPN for MMA Games

Features of PureVPN MMO Gaming VPN

PureVPN is well appreciated among all VPN providers due to its vast offerings in terms of service features. When it comes to online MMO gaming VPN, PureVPN has proven itself once again. Some of its main features are listed below:

Free VPN Software: PureVPN software is free and very easy to use for its online gaming services.

Improve Game Connection: PureVPN’s exclusive online gaming VPN has servers dedicated for online gamers with only gamers’ traffic passing through them. Hence, the system improves the gaming connection.

Exclusive Gaming VPN Servers: PureVPN knows it well that online gaming is all about speed and that is why PureVPN has dedicated exclusive servers for its online gaming VPN in 141 countries.

Faster Game Load Time: Shortest ping can make your online gaming experience amazing while longer ping times will make it lag and freeze. PureVPN makes it possible for you to enjoy games with fastest game load time for a truly remarkable online gaming experience.

Reduce Lags and Latency: PureVPN’s best peering arrangement provides a strong bridge between your console and gaming server that enhances your online gaming speed and reduces lags / latency.

Hotspot Security: Similarly, you can secure your internet connection; PureVPN provides you the ability to play anonymously any game.

Anonymous Web Surfing: Experience the best online gaming with complete privacy. Surf every corner of the internet world anonymously and without being tracked.

24/7/365 Customer Service: The world-class PureVPN customer support is widely acclaimed as the best in the industry. You can contact the help desk 24/7/365 and inquire about any query regarding PureVPN with real support executives, not automated bots!

Online MMO gaming has no defined boundaries of age, gender, ethnicity and nationality. From a 3 year old child to a 45 year old mature man, anyone can have a craze of online gaming. Believe me, we have a lot to learn from online gaming and implement in life. Be brave and courageous, get your online gaming VPN and be the hero of Battle Field 4 or the King of War Craft.

Get PureVPN for MMA Games

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