PureVPN Servers Undergoing Maintenance

PureVPN never lets go of any opportunity to up its service for the ultimate benefit, security, freedom and privacy of its users. Owing to which, we are performing some upgrades on our worldwide server network of 500+VPN servers. The activity will start from 10th December 2015 and will continue till 17th December 2015.

Possible Downtime:

To ensure minimum possible downtime, PureVPN will be moving from one server to the other, rather than updating all servers at once. It will ensure minimum possible inconvenience to our users.

In case you experience disconnection/connection issues at any point during the activity period, then it means that your required server is undergoing the upgrade process. In such a scenario, you are requested to re-connect after 2-3 minutes to the same or any other server.


What are we doing?

1. We are upgrading our OpenVPN service to:
a) Increase security level of Param Key from 2048 to 4096 bits.
b) A more secure OpenSSL by implementing its latest version

2. Upgrading our SSTP protocol to allow better connectivity from areas/ISPs where it was previously blocked.  

3. General system upgrade and patches, including DNS servers tweaks for faster performance & OS patches.


Why are we doing this?

For our users of course. These upgrades will go a long way in providing better connectivity, security, privacy, and accessibility options to our users.

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