Watch Rai TV and Mediaset Premium With Super-Fast Speed

Do you speak Italian? Do you like watching the best Italian TV shows, movies, news, sports, etc.? Do you like watching Rai TV and Mediaset channels? Are you having speed issues accesing Rai TV and Mediaset Premium?

Don’t worry! There is a wonderful solution for you.

Fast Streaming of Italian Channels

PureVPN is all about providing a secure and fast service for internet users around the world. In that spirit, PureVPN has just added two more streaming channels to its wide-range of offered channels: Rai TV and Mediaset Premium for buffer-free streaming without any speed issues.

Avoid Speed throtling by ISPs with PureVPN and enjoy your RAI TV and Mediaset Premium with uninterrupted streaming HD quality.


Rai TV is one of the top Italian streaming channels, famous for its diverse programming options. Medicina 33 Community, Container, Ballarò, Rewind and 7 Note are some of the many thrilling and interesting TV shows Rai TV offers. Radiotelevisione italiana S.p.A, commercially known as Rai, operates a large number of radio stations and TV shows (15 TV and 7 radio channels around the globe).

If you like Italian entertainment, you cannot afford to miss out on Rai TV. You can watch it easily on the internet.

Mediaset Premium

The other channel PureVPN has listed is Mediaset Premium, an Italian digital terrestrial TV service provided by Mediaset. The channel offers pay TV and pay-per-view Football matches along with a lot of movies, cartoons, anime, TV shows, sport events, and more.

So whether you are into sports such as tennis, car racing, cycling, Italian TV shows or Italian movies or Italian news, now you can enjoy super-fast streaming from RAI and Mediaset Premium.

PureVPN is a great tool to avoid ISP throttling. Happy watching!

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