Remote Access VPN – PureVPN Takes Business Networks’ Security to the Next Level

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Press ReleaseRemote Access VPN – PureVPN Takes Business Networks’ Security to the Next Level

Business VPN solution by PureVPN takes security and productivity of online businesses to the next level. Remote access and BYOD culture is now easier and securer with PureVPN's Remote Access VPN.

HongKong, October 13, 2015 ( – PureVPN is always evolving its business VPN services, and this time around, the company has taken its services at a new level. Through the remote access VPN services for businesses, PureVPN now ensures corporate users a completely secure remote access environment with military-grade security protocols and dedicated IPs. 

Remote Access via Various Personal Devices – An Ever-Increasing Threat

"Most VPN services overlook the needs of businesses while catering to regular users. We wanted to make sure that our services provide equal benefits to students, employees, as well as business people. So, we not only launched a business VPN service but dedicated remote access VPN IPs for complete business network security"


Most of us are already aware of the fact that online threats for businesses and corporations are on the rise. The situation is even more dangerous for firms that allow or encourage BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) practice, which allows employees to use their own devices to access the company servers or network remotely or physically.

According to a Huffington Post’s article, at least 63 percent of employers now allow some form of remote work, and the number is increasing. The situation gets even worse when the devices attempting for remote access are varied. The known, unknown and unidentified threats increase when the devices are used by the employees outside the business network after work hours.

Ultimate Remote Security via Dedicated IPs

An employee might not be aware that their device is infected with a malware or any other virus, and this may lead to bigger problems as soon as they access the server, FTP and so on. However, with the use of a dedicated IP, the entire business team can access the server without compromising security. PureVPN’s dedicated IPs are ideal for secure remote access because they are provided from strong servers with impenetrable security and powerful stability.

PureVPN has changed the way business VPNs work. PureVPN’s Business VPN service along with a dedicated IP secures a business network the way it has never been secured before. This is the reason why some industry experts hail PureVPN as one of the best remote access VPNs, if not the only one. 

This press release was originally published on NewsWire.

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