Research on the Dark Web and Web Security 101 – Kim Crawley | Ep 4 Pure Secure Podcast

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Pure Secure PodcastResearch on the Dark Web and Web Security 101 – Kim Crawley | Ep 4 Pure Secure Podcast

Hi, welcome to this episode of the Pure Secure podcast. 

Where we want to help employees and professionals that work from home or on the road, by talking about everything and with everyone that is involved with security and privacy, online and offline.

Today I have a conversation with Kim Crawley to learn from a researcher in the cybersecurity area.

Kim is dedicated to researching and writing about a plethora of cybersecurity issues. All matters red team, blue team, and purple team fascinate her. But she’s especially fascinated by malware, social engineering, and advanced persistent threats.

Kim’s extracurricular activities include running an online cybersecurity event called DisInfoSec, and autistic self-advocacy. 

It was great to learn from Kim about security issues and especially the dark web. She does a lot of research on the dark web for her client. It was fascinating to learn what you can find there and how it is used in selling data viruses and malware. At the end of our conversation she also gave some tips of what actions you can take for better security working from home.

Let’s get started with this conversation with Kim.


More on Kim Crawley

Video of the conversation with Kim Crawley


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