iCloud Hacking and How to Protect Yourself?

It was only a few weeks ago that photos of celebrities were leaked from their iCloud accounts. Affected celebrities were starting to recover and Apple was feeling like it withered a storm by announcing encrypted cloud storage for iCloud. Unfortunately, more photos have been leaked today and are making the rounds on the internet. This new celebrity photo leak has given birth to the following core questions:

·         Is this another iCloud leak?

·         Does this mean that secure cloud storage is just a myth?

·         Can secure cloud storage EVER become a reality?

·         Should you trust cloud storage security to protect your most personal moments and important data?

Keep reading to find out.

Should You Be On Cloud Storage?

The first question that rises is that should you be on a cloud storage service? There are various cloud storage services out there to pick from. Services like iCloud and Dropbox are two of the many options to keep primary and secondary data backups. Should you store your personal data on cloud is a serious question because according to various claims and blames made by security experts, Dropbox hacking contributed to major part of the photos that were billed as being hacked through iCloud. We highly recommend you to download all your data and uninstall Dropbox from all your devices.

On the other hand, iCloud itself is under the suspicion of being the culprit behind the leak. Whoever and whatever is the reason behind iCloud hack, cloud storage security remains a risk. Yes, you aren’t as famous as Jennifer Lawrence, Kim Kardashian, Victoria Justice etc. but your privacy is not worth less than these A-listers, nonetheless.

We recommend using cloud storage ONLY for nominal files, not for ultra-personal images, videos and data.

Is Cloud Storage Worth The Trouble?

Cloud services are highly useful options and we cannot deny that fact. Fortunately, there are ways to use a cloud service while being secure. If you really need to use cloud storage for ultra-personal and extra-important data (for a short period of time) you can do so while using substantial protection. How can you secure your cloud account is explained below.

Secure Cloud Storage – How To Make It Happen

Top cloud services such as Dropbox claim that they keep user data secure and allow no third party to misuse it. However, after the iCloud incident, cloud service safety will never be seen without skepticism. This leads us to only one conclusion; take necessary measures to use cloud services securely. Here is how you should go about it:

·          Strong & unique password 

A strong password is your primary and most critical security guard when it comes to cloud storage accounts. Not only an unknown hacker can get into your personal data but someone close to you can also access your selfies etc. by guessing your password. You can avoid an unwanted situation by choosing a strong password that contains letters with and without caps along with numbers. Mix it up!

Two-factor authentication

Two-factor authentication is a process that involves subsequent but dependant stages (like verifying using a code sent to a user’s phone) to check a user’s identity who is trying to gain access to services using one factor i.e. username and password. Two-factor authentication is a must for maximum security and should be used at all costs.

·         Enabling locks & passwords

By enabling locks and passwords on all your devices would help you protect your data. Put locks on your Laptop, Smartphones etc. so that nobody can gain access to your personal data without your permission. It is worth the trouble, trust us.

·         Use a Folder Lock application

There are various folder lock applications available to choose from, such as Folder Lockbox. These applications help users keep their data within their devices but in a locked mode. Only a user can access the locked data by entering the set password, even when someone gets access to the device. You can protect your data by using one of these applications.

·         Don’t sync all the devices

If others have access to one of your devices, don’t include those shared devices to the cloud sync. Keep the device sync to the minimum in order to keep your personal data private. Greater the number of synced devices; bigger are the chances of data theft.

·         Use a VPN

There is a theory that the celebrities involved in the iCloud hack incident used an unprotected WiFi hotspot to connect to their iCloud accounts and some hacker in the vicinity hacked their usernames/passwords. VPNs are known to encrypt all data so that VPN users can safely connect to public WiFi hotspots, everywhere. Some VPN services offer Kill Switch feature to provide robust protection.


So, is secure cloud storage a myth or possible reality? All data points to the fact that it is possible to have secure cloud storage PROVIDED a user is smart enough to take his/her own safety measures and not rely on default cloud storage safety alone.

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