7 Ways to Outwit Online Identity Thieves to be Secure

Online identity thieves are always innovating tools and techniques to sail over digital barbwires to unlawfully break into your cyber space. Whatever security solutions mankind has come up with have proven incomplete at one point or another.

You, however, can stay secure from a hacker’s booby traps if you choose to make use of the following tips:

7. Avoid answering questions related to your personal life


We all come across subscription pages and surveys where we are required to provide our personal information such as our marital status, number of kids etc.

The best practice is to skip filling up forms that look even a little bit suspicious.

6. Created your password today? Change it tomorrow morning.


Keep changing your password every once in a while. Not only will this give hackers a tough time figuring out your password, but if they were able to break in, then they won’t be able to sign back in again.

5. Stop carrying ‘em cards everywhere!


Plastic cards are useful, we agree. However, the fact of the matter is that you don’t need them with you at all times.

You can at least leave your secondary cards at home if you have many because in case you lose your wallet, then it means kissing every card good bye at the same time.

4. Be charitable But be cautious


Fundraising activities are appreciable, but only when done with a good heart. There are many fake fundraising websites out there whose sole motive is taking your money for personal gains and misusing your credit card info for ulterior motives.

3. Stop giving away your e-mail addresses


When you made your first ever e-mail ID it was very amusing to give it away to everyone and letting them know you have gone ‘digital’.

If you keep giving it away in today’s time, you are simply inviting strangers to use various tricks to hack into your accounts.

2. Monitor bank account statements


Make a habit of checking your account statements every few days. This will help you notice even the slightest unauthorized charges soon after they occur, which will allow you to take action before it’s too late.

1. Receive cash withdrawal attempts alerts


Make sure to utilize the ‘cash withdrawal notifications’ feature whenever available to be notified each time a withdrawal is made from your bank account. Choose the notification platform according to your ease (text message, e-mail, app notification etc).

Be Safe!

Falling into an online booby trap and losing your identity and money is easy, but avoiding the setup is easier. All you have to do is keep the aforementioned pointers in mind at all times so you are in the clear. 

Bob Allister Bob Allister is a technology and online security enthusiast. He always keeps an eye on the latest security threats and loopholes, and alerts users before it’s too late. He also promotes health and fitness, likes to watch movies and TV shows and play soothing melodies on his guitar.

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