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Employees want to use their own Smartphone for work. Today, many companies support BYOD (Bring your own device) policy as it will reduce the company’s expenses to offer corporate phones to employees for company’s work. IT Department of a company may want to deploy Mobile Device Management (MDM) solutions to integrate employees’ mobile device with company’s network. However, this will create serious threats for employees’ privacy. The border line between home environment and office environment will disappear, and any unknown person in the company can access an employee’s private messages, pictures and videos.

How do perverts can disrupt your privacy? When an employee uses his or her smartphone for company purpose, there is a possibility of his/her private content to be viewed by other employees. Company authorities might trace your Smartphone, even when away from office or at home. Malicious programs and links sent to your mobile by pervert company employees or authorities will reveal your private home matters within company premises. You may unnecessarily become a subject of joke and gossips among other company employees and authorities. As you are using a path source to access company’s network resources to obtain necessary information, with the similar path source, your private messages, pictures and videos might be hacked by company’s pervert employees.

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Other Security Concerns

Apart from an employee’s Smartphone security concerns, people also face other security threats while using Smartphone for different purposes. Today, people can do online shopping through their Smartphone. They need to provide credit card details while shopping through Smartphone. What will happen if someone else knows your credit card details and shopping user id and password. One will have to suffer large financial loss. Same thing may happen when someone steals your banking user id and password.

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Smartphone VPN for Privacy

One solution to many problems People facing so many problems on their Smartphone can opt for one smart solution and that is Smartphone VPN.

Protect Privacy

By taking VPN service on your Smartphone, one can access company resources from his Smart phone without creating security threats for himself. VPN always implements user authentication process so that unknown hackers cannot access your mobile programs and files. VPN is recognized for offering a private environment to users and security from unauthorized users.

Secure Mail Exchange

Smartphone VPN use high level Smartphone security protocols that encrypt messages while mail transfer. If company authorities or even government authorities intercept your mail messages, they will not be able to read the messages as they are in encrypted form. On the receiver’s end, the mail messages are decrypted back to original messages.

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Bypass Internet Censorship

Through VPN, one can access government blocked websites. For example in some countries, gambling websites might be banned. VPN makes use of high level secure protocols that establish tunnel connection with blocked servers. Users are able to access those websites in anonymous mode. Smartphone security VPN protocols include:

  • Internet Protocol security (IP Security)
  • Secure Socket Layer (SSL)
  • Transport Layer Security (TLS)
  • Point-to-Point Protocol (PPTP)
  • Layer2 Tunneling Protocol (L2TP)
  • Secure Shell (SSH)

Access Geo-blocked websites

People in some countries might be experiencing problems in accessing US news websites or online US TV channels. Some people on a foreign tour might not be able to access their own country websites because of Geo-blocking setting. Geo-blocked websites are accessible to people of a certain region only and not to people of other region. Through VPN, one can change IP address and use IP addresses of permitted location to access Geo-blocked websites. So, chose Smartphone VPN for privacy, accessing restricted websites and anonymity.

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